Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sino ang mga Tao sa Likod ng PEBA 2009?

Pagpapakilala plus photos


I encourage you to leave your comment to PEBA as we are trying to increase the media mileage and site traffic in preparation for the sponsorship package that we will soon release.

Maraming maraming salamat po sa walang sawang suporta at pagtitiwala!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Madame President, Did You Read the PEBA 2009 Entries?

"In private high schools, we finance half of the students.

We have provided college and post-graduate education for over 600,000 scholars.

One of them, Mylene Amerol-Macumbal, finished Accounting at MSU-IIT, then she went to law school, and placed second in the

last bar exams, the first Muslim woman bar topnotcher. Congratulations!"

Okay, that's my school, MSU-IIT or Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, its a 60% Christian and 40% Muslim university, but one of the best school in the country. I am proud that's where I graduated. I was one among those scholars to pay P10 per semester so long that I maintained my GPA of not more than 2.0.

But let us examine some of your praises and reports about OFW's and the rest of the Filipino's abroad.

"Sa hirap at ginhawa, pinapatatag ang ating bansa ng ating Overseas Filipinos.

Iyong padala nilang $16 billion noong isang taon ay record. Itong taon, mas
mataas pa.

I know that this is not a sacrifice joyfully borne. This is work where it can be
found — in faraway places, among strangers with different cultures. It is
lonely work, it is hard work. "

(posible po bang nabasa niyo o ng speech writer niyo some of the stories ng mga PEBA Nominees?)

Kaya nagsisikap tayong lumikha dito sa atin ng mga trabahong maganda ang
sahod, so that overseas work will just be a career choice, not the only option
for a hard-working Filipino.

(Yan po ang conclusion ng entry ng isang nominee from Qatar)

Meanwhile, we should make their sacrifices worthwhile. Dapat gumawa tayo
ng mas epektibong proteksyon at pagpapalawak ng halaga ng kanilang
pinagsikapang sweldo. That means stronger consumer protection for OFWs
investing in property and products back home.

Para sa kanila, pinapakilos natin ang Investors Protection Task Force.

Hindi ako nag-aatubiling bisitahin ang ating taong bayan at kanilang mga
host sa buong mundo – mula Hapon hanggang Brazil, mula Europa at Middle
East hanggang sa American Midwest, nakikinig sa kanilang mga problema at
pangangailangan, inaalam kung paano sila matulungan ng ating pamahalaan
– by working out better policies on migrant labor, or by saving lives and
restoring liberty.

Pagpunta ko sa Saudi, pinatawad ni Haring Abdullah ang pitong daang OFW
na nasa preso. Pinuno nila ang isang buong eroplano at umuwi kasama ko.

(There are still very many, Madam, di lang po sa kulungan. Some are suffering from injustices, some are confined in houses of hardhearted employers.)

Mula sa ating State Visit sa Espanya, it has become our biggest European
donor. At si Haring Juan Carlos ay nakikipag-usap sa ibang mga bansa para sa ating mga namomroblemang OFW. Ganoon di si Sheikh Khalifa, ang Prime Minister ng Bahrain. Pagpunta ko sa Kuwait, Emir Al-Sabah commuted death sentences.

We thank all our leaders, all world leaders who shown compassion
with our workers.

Our vigorous international engagement has helped bring in foreign investment. Net foreign direct investments multiplied 15 times during our administration.

Kasama ng ating mga Together with our OFWs, they more than doubled our foreign exchange reserves. Pinalakas ang ating piso at naiwasan ang lubhang pagtaas ng presyo. They upgraded our credit because while the reserves of our peers have shrunk this past year, ours reserves grew by $3 billion.

(I have one thing to confess. I voted for you the last election, and even asked the rest of my siblings to do the same. Since then, we are honestly disappointed. But we believe in being submissive to the rule of the land, and to those in authority, so I am still hoping you planted something good so my kid will see something good as well.

I am honestly hoping and praying that the one who will seat Malacanang after you is a good Filipino LEADER, if there is still one, out there.)

complete text here


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ito ang advertisement, patawarin nawa ang kaluluwa nila, anong mga lahi to?

Date: Monday, July 20, 2009
Category: Vehicles (kita mo kung saan nakapost? Sa vehicles section!)
Region: Dammam (dammam)
Dammam, Vehicles, male and female kids ready to go for adoptionDammam, Vehicles, male and female kids ready to go for adoption
Description: hello to any parent seeking to adopt a kid or kids i have these male and female kids
who are ready to go out for adopting to any loving and caring home who will spoil
them with love and care they are 5 months old i will be waiting to read from you asap

- Mr. Giego Maf

So dali dali akong tinawagan ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto, at binigay sakin ang link. Hala ka, oo nga, for adoption!
Parang si San-guko pa ng Dragon Ball Z yung boy,spiky ang hair.
Akala ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto, namatay ang parents, awang-awa at nag-aalala itong mabait ko na lovefate. Sabi ko, siya, email mo na kung anong
lahi nung mga bata, at paano ba ang processing ng adoption,
baka kung kanino pa mapunta yan, kawawa naman. Ito ang email ng wife ko.


I saw your ad regarding the 5 months old children for adoption.

I want to know why they are being put for adoption? And what's their nationality?

We are a Filipino family living in Khobar, I have a 15 months old daughter too.

I'm a wife who stays at home and we're interested for adopting the kids.

They will be taken care of, and we hope to bring them up as our own child.

Our little girl is also very friendly and very affectionate to other children,

she will be happy to have these kids as her siblings.

hope to hear from you soon.

- Mrs. Thoughtskoto

Hala ka ulit, parang totoo nga, nagreply eh, pero nung mabasa ko ang email reply,

I chatted Mrs. Thoughtskoto na basahin niya ang email at

sumakit ang ulo at tiyan ko. Haha.

Ito ang reply ni Mr. Giego Maf


Thank you for your interest in our kids.

We are delighted to confirm to you that we still have the kids

that we are carefully

looking for a loving home for any of them.

they are 5months old, of pure breed, of same color ,

with full bloodiness,

good temperament and personality.

We have noticed that some people excitingly adopt children

but cannot care for them.

As such we are reluctant to exchanging our kids for money

but will prefer to offer them for free (pamimigay daw?) into any loving home

who will accept the following conditions.

If you will accept after getting the child to permit us visit the them from

time to time while with you just to ensure and

see that you are spoiling them rotten with love.

(ano daw? ay oo nga naman, pag spoil na ang food, di ba rotten na yun?

ay ano ba?)

Secondly if you are far from us, then you must agree with us to send

her pictures/videos regularly as the kids grow up in your home, as well

as related information on Tina and Dan's well being and development.

If you accept these conditions with your hand on your heart,

then you are free to contact us again to let us know where precisely you

are located so that we can arrange for you to have these little angels.

i was wondering can you confirm to me the following?

(teka binasa ba nito ang email ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto)

How soon do you intend taking these my little angles?

What kind of accommodation can you provide for the kids?

are you familiar with children

Where are you located?

are you married ?

Do you have a phone number where i can reach you?

What is your home address?

Have you ever been convicted?

Have you attempted adopting children before?

Were you successful?

Are you going to use her fro breeding or some kind of games?

(anong akala nito sa mga anak niya, manok? palahian of pure breed

at pansabong? haha)

all these questions am asking because i will like to know

what you are up to and to know if at all you really need this kids.

I just hope i have found the right family for my little angels.

I will have to take recent shots of her and send them to you later

Best regards

Immanuel and Jessica

Anong advise ang maibibigay niyo sa amin?

We believe this is spam or modus operandi,

and kung ano man ang tunay na hangarin nila,

sorry na lang pero lumuluha na kami ni

Mrs. Thoughtskoto sa katatawa.


Tie a Yellow Ribbon for Cory Aquino

Barrio Siete started tying a yellow ribbon around the blogosphere in support for Cory and prayers for her recovery.

Cory Aquino Praying.

Courtesy of J. Galvez from

I was 10 years old when the EDSA revolution happened. I have come to know the woman that gives inspiration to Ninoy and inspired millions of Filipino's as well, and continue to be a beckon of light, strength, social justice, honesty, faith and motherhood.

Whatever our political persuassions are, wherever we are, we cannot deny the fact that

Cory Aquino

a plain housewife of a martyred hero hastily sent to the presidency by people thirsting for democracy - she learned so much then, but there is one thing that I have admired of her all throughout the years...



Please pray for her. Or tie a yellow ribbon in your blog too.
Whatever God's purpose for her, she will be remembered as an icon of the 1986 People Power, an icon of democracy.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kakaibang Henerasyon ng mga Pinoy

Galing ito sa post ni Jee ng Wits Expression. Nabasa ko na ang Philstar at Inquirer post kahapon, pero di ko binasa ang mga comments duon. Nung mabasa ko ang news, I chatted kaagad si Rio, isang PEBA nominee na nakabase ngayon sa Kandahar, Afghanistan. Ang helicopter na lulan ng mga OFW ay papuntang Kandahar ayon sa kanya, at maraming nakakita na pagtake-off nito ay sumabog sa himpapawid, at di rin daw aabutin ng RPG. Mukhang aksidente talaga ang nangyari. At dati niya ng mga kasamahan at kakilala ang mga OFW na ito. Sabi niya, 16 ang Pinoy na nandun, 10 ang confirm na namatay, 3 ang nasa Ospital ng NATO Emergency Hospital, so may nawawalang tatlo pa. Ang pamilya Thoughtskoto, and miyembro ng PEBA at mga bumubuo ng KABLOGS ay lubos na nakikiramay sa mga pamilyang nawalan ng sandigan sa buhay. Naiisip ko ang mga naulilang bata, mga nanay at asawa na biglang nawalan ng pag-asa, at ikinabubuhay. Nakakalungkot. Nakakapanlumo. Nakakapanghinagpis.

Nakakatakot ang mga komento ng ibang mga Pinoy lalo na sa Philstar. Pagkatapos ng Tsokolate na issue, may mga Filipino pa rin na mukhang galit, or inggit sa mga OFW, or irresponsable lang talagang magbigay ng pahayag. Hindi ko na pahahabain pa. Nanawagan ako sa mga Pinoy na nasa Pilipinas na medyo makitid ang pang-unawa at pagkakaintindi sa buhay ng mga Pinoy sa abroad. Kaunting respeto lang po, lalo na sa mga pamilya ng mga namatay na OFW's. Hindi mga ganung komento ang kailangan nila.

Anong komento?

"Why should we consider these pinoys heroes? They didn't die for their country. They died because they want to feed their families...dahil responsibility at obligation nila iyan.

Why should we lower our flags for the deaths of these pinoys? NO Sir!...They're not supposed to be there in the first place. They opted to work there dahil malaki ang suweldo para may ipangtustos sila sa mga luho ng pamilya nila (cellphones, loads, lcd tvs, psp's, at kung anu-ano pa).

Don't blame the government at huwag ding sabihin na walang trabaho sa Pilipinas kaya naruruoon sila sa Afghanistan...maraming trabaho sa Pinas...gusto lang nila ng MALAKING SUWELDO.

Ngayon...kung sundalo ka at namatay ka pakikipaglaban dahil sa bayan mo...YES...I WILL SALUTE YOU!....but, kung namatay ka lang dahil gusto mong laging bago ang cellphone ng mga anak mo...hayaan ko na lang ang pamilya mo ang magdalamhati para sa iyo! "

Nakakalungkot ang mga ganitong komento. Marami na sila, dumadami pa sila, kakaibang henerasyon ng Pilipino. Marahil hindi na nila natutunan o naabutan sa school ang GMRC, or dahil bumababa na ang kalidad ng edukasyon sa Pilipinas, bumababa na rin ang values ng mga kabataan. Kaya ang PEBA ay determinadong gawing ebook at publish book ang mga entry ng mga nominees pati na ang mga contribution ng 2008 winners. Kung maraming sponsors at pera, ipamimigay namin sa mga library ng schools sa buong bansa ang mga kopya nito para mabasa ng mga batang Pinoy at maunawaan ang klase ng pamumuhay sa abroad. Gagawin naming ebook at ipapamimigay sa lahat ng gustong humingi ng kopya. Hindi lahat nakakabasa ng blog or internet, may mga maling kaalaman na kelangan i-correct. Kung kelangan ibenta kahit P10 kada libro sa National Bookstore at Powerbooks para maafford ng masa, okay ito. Nebz, sana nga makapulot ako ng 100 milyon na numerong panalo sa lotto at itatayo ko ng radio station at tv station dedicated para sa OFW. Kasya kaya? hehe. Ever, sana nga maToinks din itong si Bryle. At Azel, kamag-anak toh ng natalo sa Blog-tasan mo.

Merong gap na namumuo, at kelangan maintindihan ng sumisibol na henerasyon ang hirap at tunay na dahilan ng pangingibang-bayan kapalit ng maayos at maginhawang pamumuhay ng mga mahal sa buhay. Ito ang buhay Pinoy, and tanggap yan ng may 13 milyong Pinoy, kabilang na ang pamilyang ito.

If you want to be added sa Book na ipupublish ng PEBA, join us now. Kung previous winner ka or hindi ka kasali, post your entry, and we will try to add them sa compilation for editing and publishing.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Miguel Cotto: Dehado Daw?

Looking at the statistics below, and the body belt between Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, the fight match that will take place this November in Las Vegas seems dehado daw si Manny according to the boxing enthusiast and the likes. I don't get it, pero maybe they know Cotto well than I do. I like boxing, but I am not the die hard afficionado, really with the basagan ng bungo. Except seguro kung si Manny ang nasa ring at nakikipagbuno at sparring para sa ikakataas ng noo ng mga Filipino sa buong mundo, and of course sa milyon-milyong kita nito.

But the Thoughtskoto believe that there are fights and bouts, especially in real life, that do not depend on the statistics and data's, or the successess and failure's one had.

Sometimes we call it luck.

Sometimes we call it guts.

Sometimes we call it...being wise.

Actually it is called... sports.

So you see, life is a lot like sports.

We win for the glory or we lose to learn a lesson.

But three letter word spells it all.


We tried. That's the assurance, and the consolation.

Nothing is really over until we stop trying, right?

I know this should not be a post about trying,

this is about Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto's bout!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Terrible Price of Gossip

Our greatest enemy, sometimes, is ourselves. We love ourselves, we are proud of who we are and what we have accomplish, but we are beset sometimes of the failings and mistakes that drags us down, that if left uncheck will lead to sometimes, broken hearts, broken dreams, broken lives.


I might be using strong words today, please forgive me. I would like to unleash something that we been carrying and is too heavy for me and my little family.

Today I declare, unequivocally, and without terms and condition to surrender against one very familiar enemy. One that destroyed many OFW's work, destroyed cherished and long friendships and worst, even destroyed lives. One that becomes a Filipino habit or mentality, at home or abroad, and I believe one of the reason why we are still down there, while other's are already up there.

Today I declare war against GOSSIP!

Nung kararating lang ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto dito sa Saudi, she was 22 that time. A young wife, and without much knowledge about the culture, both Saudi and the OFW's, care free lang kaming nagwawalk along the kanto, or sa mall.

Nakikita ko sa mga mata ng ilang kababayan natin ang tingin na may mga namumuong tanong.

"Legal kaya itong mag-asawa."

"San kaya sila nakabili ng papel para nagsasabing mag-asawa sila?"

"Maganda ang babae, san kayang ospital nagtratrabaho ito?"

"Ano kayang pinakain ng lalaki kay babae at nagkagusto ito sa kanya?"(lols!)

Minsan may hindi nakatiis.

"Ah kuya, saan nagtratrabaho ang misis mo?" "Saan kayo nagpakasal ng misis mo?" "Pare, san ka nakakuha ng papel?" (meaning fake documents of marriage)

Malugod ko namang sinasagot at may mapagkumbabang boses.

"Ah, hindi po siya pumapasok, nasa bahay lang po siya."

"Ay, pagkatapos ng kasal namin sa Pilipinas, kinuha ko na po siya dito."

"Hehe, kuya, ano pong papel?"

One time nasa mall kami, nakakatawa ang sitwasyon dun kasi ang mga tao, kapag sa kabilang side nagchecheck ang mutawa (Religious Police), ang mga tao ay andun naman sa kabilang dulo. Wala pa kaming kaalam-alam ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto na may mutawa pala, wala pa kaming baby nun at paholding-holding hands pa kaming tumitingin sa isang store ng mga watches.

Nabigla ako ng biglang nag-alpasan palayo samin ang mga tao. Nabigla na lang ako may tumabi na dalawang police, pinagitnaan kami ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto. Tapos may isang malaking Arabo, at mahabang bigote ang lumapit at tinapik ako sa balikat asking for my Iqama and papers. Kinabahan ako nun, kasi sa gitna ng mall, daan ang nakatingin sa amin sa malayuan, samantalang si Mrs. Thoughtskoto ay parang Miss Universe na nagwawave ng kanyang mga kamay, sabay lingon dito at duon para sa kanyang mga 'fans'. Hehe, joke lang.

Binigay ko ang aking Iqama or National ID, pati ang Nat'l ID ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto, at papers namin sa Marriage. Sinipat ng mutawa, nagthank you and nagsorry saying that they'll have to do this just for checking. I said, "No Problem at all. Thank you too!"

Umalis na sila habang sinusuyod ang mall, at ang mga tao ay umiiwas naman ng palayo sa kanila, habang dumami naman ang mga tao at fans ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto na nagsilapitan sa amin.

"Napahiya sila, kabayan." Sambit ng isang Pinoy. "Akala nila makakahuli na sila." Sagot naman ng isa. "Saan kayo sa atin?" Tanong pa ng isa. For a newly married couple, she's early 20's and I am late on my 20's kinda unsual here. Kaya kami cheneck kasi bibihira ang magkaroon ng family status na bata pa. To which I am humbly grateful.

We have been a victim of gossip, I have blog about that before. In fact, we asked one of our room occupants to leave our flat because of the issue of gossip. I have heard that the recent tragedy in Khobar where a Filipino murdered a fellow Pinay is because of gossip. Terrible must be that gossip that leads people to take lives.

I have heard countless of stories about gossips and its terrible price. It is okay to pass on information or to speak about someone if he/she is not around as long as it is uplifting and positive.

There are many brothers and sisters to GOSSIP.







Pride is the mother of them all. I'll call them all the "Secret Combinations" of our time.

Recently, I received a call from a mother working in a hospital na kakilala namin.

Tsiswhiz: "Ken, may asawa ba si Hanah?"

Ken: "Ha, opo meron po nasa Iloilo."

TsisWhiz: "Kasi nakita ko siya kanina may kasamang lalaki dito sa mall.

Ken: "Ah, baka po brother niya o kasamahan sa simbahan. Kelan po ninyo nakita? Siya po ba talaga ang nakita niyo?"

TsisWhiz: Mga 7:00PM kanina. Oo siya talaga yun. Bakit siya nagdadate eh may asawa pala siya."

Ken: "Ate, kasama po namin si Hanah mga 6-7pm, nandito po siya sa bahay kanina pa.

TsisWhiz: tot...tot...tot... (cellphone off)

I encourage all, na if wala na po tayong masasabing mabuti or ikakabuti, maliban kung constructive criticism or positive commendation, wag na po tayong magsalita. There are things better left unspoken, and we have far more weakness and failings to attend to, including the Thoughtskoto's, than to mind the lives of others who might be far better than we are. Only God knows the intents and desires of our hearts. Only Him, and Him alone can tell who and what you or me really are.

Pagbabago, begins within us.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


This post intended solely to disclose the identity of the people behind the 2009 Project of PEBA for the sake of transparency and simplicity. We are aware that incorporations are on the way, and it is our honor to serve the OFW's around the world.

PEBA was launch in this site on the 1st of July 2008, over a year ago. Since then, good and great things had happened through the support and trust of the many OFW's and Filipino Expats around the world.


Today, we broke one simple goal, that we will reach the 20 nominee list by the end of July. This very moment, halfway through the month, we have 22 amazing, incredible, remarkable, talented, and yes, the best and inspiring OFW and Expats nominees. Thanks to the effort of our PEBA lady, Azel, na walang sawang nangungulit sa inyo. hehehe


Read their thoughts and musings, watch their videos and photos, feel the warmth and the tenderness and the kindness in their emotions, move by the true stories and genuine challenges they face each day. From the tiny country of Palau, to the war zone of Afghanistan, and the blazing heat of Saudi and Qatar, and the beautiful country of Dubai, to the cold season of the down under Australia. Swing from Singapore to Japan and Taiwan. Learn from two Filipina thoughts from Europe, both expats in Italy and France. Be captivated by the thoughts of two Filipina US base bloggers hailed from the state of California and Georgia.

This is PEBA. The one and only place where the best and inspiring blogs of an OFW and Pinoy Expats are showcase for the world to read, and to be honored.


Jebee Kenji D. Solis as the organizer and founder is Quality Assurance Department Head of Al Jazeerah Water Bottling Division AH Qhatani Group of Companies, a company based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. We have been here in Saudi Arabia for 5 years with my loving wife and a PEBA baby named Hevyn.

The President of the PEBA 2009 Project is Nereus Jethro G. Abad, Head of the Department of Harvest and Logistic Support of the Commercial Business Division of the National Prawn Company base near the Red Sea, Al Laith, Saudi Arabia. NJ is husband of a Regional Trial Court Judge base in the Visayas region with three beautiful children.

Noemi Lardizabal Dado serves as the Adviser to PEBA 2009. She is a prominent MomBlogger, new media publisher, and founder of She is also involved in advocay and family recovery groups. She is also president emeritus of the Philippines Blog Awards, Inc. She is wife of a lawyer based in the National Capital Region and they have 3 beautiful children, the youngest Luijoe is forever 6 years old.

We have three beautiful and handsome volunteers as well


and the following area coordinators

PETE RAHON an NGO Volunteer and Blogger and serves as Area Coordinator based in Metro Manila

ATTY FIONAH BOJOS is a lawyer base in Cebu City and serving as Visayas Region Coordinator

AVEL MANANSALA is a consultant on Media Affairs and a Blogger currently serving as administrator of and Mindanao Area Coordinator

IF YOU KNOW A PINOY BLOGGER BASE IN EUROPE, CANADA AND USA, please invite them to join PEBA or email us their URL here

(Yung mga picture daw sa PEBA HOMESITE NA LANG IPOPOST, so abangan niyo na lang kung kelan ito ipopost sa PEBA site,) hehehe


Monday, July 13, 2009

LOOKING for PEBA Volunteer: Webmaster

Do you know anyone who knows how to build a website?

PEBA has a domain and a host and we wanted someone who are adept in this field and who will maintain the busy site.

This is a volunteer effort, sa abroad ka man, sa Pilipinas naming mahal, we definitely need your talent. There are many best and talented Filipino's out there.

Please spread the word. Thank you.


NJ would like to extend his regards to all. NJ and I are caught up in the busy work schedule since its their harvest time and my manager is also on vacation. So alam niyo na kung sino ang may gawa ng mga gawa niya. hehe Good for me nakakaupdate ako ng blog, si NJ, puno na ng cobwebs ang Desert Aquaforce.

But me and NJ communicate every day for the incorporation and the sponsorship package of PEBA. We wanted the best for you, we wanted PEBA to be the best for the nominees and the sponsors, as well as to the readers.

We have big dreams and high hopes. We thank you for your support and trust. It fans our excitements, and boost our desires and inspiration to do more, and to give you nothing but the best for this year's awarding. Thank you and Shokran!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Trident® Gum and US Based Sinuate Media Might Sponsor PEBA

Last week, Andrew Sinclair of Sinuate Media an online marketing company base in Baltimore, Maryland USA sent me an email about their client, Trident® Gum new release campaign

"A Little Piece of Happy"

In this campaign, Trident has released a few interesting video clips that depict situations that make people happy. Even through these tough times, chewing a piece of Trident gum is like experiencing “a little piece of happy”; it will remind you that a little piece of happiness is always waiting, whenever you need it.

Andrew thought that me and you, my dear friends and visitors from around the world would be interested in watching the videos and so he shared them.

Now, Andrew there are hundreds of millions of blog out there, but emailing the Thoughtskoto regarding this gives us a feeling of warmth, "a little piece of happiness" to borrow that Trident phrase I never thought it will eventually leads to something much, much better, and so I am giving you a full plugging here along with the Trident and Sinuate Media, because I am very kind, lols! I mean, because how kind of you to reply back and offer to be one of PEBA's sponsor.

Me and my wife and our one year old tot watched the videos, and we wanted to share 3 videos for you to view them. We all wanted to be happy, if watching a video, several seconds each of them for free could make you laugh, then this will prevent some wrinkles, give a breathing space out of work pressures, or some challenges so insurmountable at the moment.

As Andrew said,

"If your next ten minutes are a little happier, then maybe this will spread to your whole hour. And if your hour is happier, watch out day!"

Our Top 3 favorite Videos


GO Dad!


The 3 videos above are symbolism to the Thoughtskoto of the joy that comes from an innocence of a child, the love that can be found in a parent-kid relationship, and the wisdom and simple joy we see in our grandparents. In short, it all speaks about one word - FAMILY.

HAPPINESS that can be found in having a loving and strong family. I don't know if Sinuate Media or Trident have seen that, but we do and we like them, and so we share them to you.

But it didn't end there. As a pre-gift prior to the actual PEBA sponsorship package which I hope will materialize, Andrew along with Trident is offering freebies, some gift packages to those who can share the videos or embed in their blogsites.

All you have to do is email us here or Andrew himself for your entry link and home address after you posted the videos that you like, and they will mail or ship you a gift pack! How about that?

Get the videos at the link above.

I suggest, you send them address of your loveones in the Philippines.

PEBA is dedicated in honoring the best and inspiring Filipino blogs around the world, so expect that during the awarding night, we will all be chewing Trident Gum's!

Simultaneous post to PEBA, KABLOGS and THOUGHTSKOTO



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