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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ito ang advertisement, patawarin nawa ang kaluluwa nila, anong mga lahi to?

Date: Monday, July 20, 2009
Category: Vehicles (kita mo kung saan nakapost? Sa vehicles section!)
Region: Dammam (dammam)
Dammam, Vehicles, male and female kids ready to go for adoptionDammam, Vehicles, male and female kids ready to go for adoption
Description: hello to any parent seeking to adopt a kid or kids i have these male and female kids
who are ready to go out for adopting to any loving and caring home who will spoil
them with love and care they are 5 months old i will be waiting to read from you asap

- Mr. Giego Maf

So dali dali akong tinawagan ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto, at binigay sakin ang link. Hala ka, oo nga, for adoption!
Parang si San-guko pa ng Dragon Ball Z yung boy,spiky ang hair.
Akala ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto, namatay ang parents, awang-awa at nag-aalala itong mabait ko na lovefate. Sabi ko, siya, email mo na kung anong
lahi nung mga bata, at paano ba ang processing ng adoption,
baka kung kanino pa mapunta yan, kawawa naman. Ito ang email ng wife ko.


I saw your ad regarding the 5 months old children for adoption.

I want to know why they are being put for adoption? And what's their nationality?

We are a Filipino family living in Khobar, I have a 15 months old daughter too.

I'm a wife who stays at home and we're interested for adopting the kids.

They will be taken care of, and we hope to bring them up as our own child.

Our little girl is also very friendly and very affectionate to other children,

she will be happy to have these kids as her siblings.

hope to hear from you soon.

- Mrs. Thoughtskoto

Hala ka ulit, parang totoo nga, nagreply eh, pero nung mabasa ko ang email reply,

I chatted Mrs. Thoughtskoto na basahin niya ang email at

sumakit ang ulo at tiyan ko. Haha.

Ito ang reply ni Mr. Giego Maf


Thank you for your interest in our kids.

We are delighted to confirm to you that we still have the kids

that we are carefully

looking for a loving home for any of them.

they are 5months old, of pure breed, of same color ,

with full bloodiness,

good temperament and personality.

We have noticed that some people excitingly adopt children

but cannot care for them.

As such we are reluctant to exchanging our kids for money

but will prefer to offer them for free (pamimigay daw?) into any loving home

who will accept the following conditions.

If you will accept after getting the child to permit us visit the them from

time to time while with you just to ensure and

see that you are spoiling them rotten with love.

(ano daw? ay oo nga naman, pag spoil na ang food, di ba rotten na yun?

ay ano ba?)

Secondly if you are far from us, then you must agree with us to send

her pictures/videos regularly as the kids grow up in your home, as well

as related information on Tina and Dan's well being and development.

If you accept these conditions with your hand on your heart,

then you are free to contact us again to let us know where precisely you

are located so that we can arrange for you to have these little angels.

i was wondering can you confirm to me the following?

(teka binasa ba nito ang email ni Mrs. Thoughtskoto)

How soon do you intend taking these my little angles?

What kind of accommodation can you provide for the kids?

are you familiar with children

Where are you located?

are you married ?

Do you have a phone number where i can reach you?

What is your home address?

Have you ever been convicted?

Have you attempted adopting children before?

Were you successful?

Are you going to use her fro breeding or some kind of games?

(anong akala nito sa mga anak niya, manok? palahian of pure breed

at pansabong? haha)

all these questions am asking because i will like to know

what you are up to and to know if at all you really need this kids.

I just hope i have found the right family for my little angels.

I will have to take recent shots of her and send them to you later

Best regards

Immanuel and Jessica

Anong advise ang maibibigay niyo sa amin?

We believe this is spam or modus operandi,

and kung ano man ang tunay na hangarin nila,

sorry na lang pero lumuluha na kami ni

Mrs. Thoughtskoto sa katatawa.