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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am honestly overwhelmed, even until now. They come. They keep coming. Bloggers (and non-bloggers) from almost all corners of the world unite with one single purpose – to make a difference to a young mother struggling to come home and be reunited with her kids. It started in Dubai and Saudi Arabia - it reaches France and Germany and the UK, and probably the other major cities in Europe. It reaches Japan, Korea, Australia, and the big cities of USA and Canada. Its story and the call for support have been circulated in emails and post and reposted by the OFW bloggers in the Gulf countries of the Middle East.

There was one time that the prayer rally for Yanah, initiated by LordCM, a System Analyst/OFW Blogger from Palau spread like a virus as prayer for support posted by bloggers abroad and in the Philippines that prompts CM to comment, referring to the picture of Candle and Prayer for Yanah photo snippets dotting his sidebar. “Puro kandila, ang init dito!”  That was truly moving, inspiring and touching. After all, prayer is the most powerful tool here on earth.

Since the Project Twitch has been launched, I have gathered several phone numbers and email addresses, a couple of dozen or more. Me and my serving-as-treasurer-of the project Mrs. Thoughtskoto gained new friends, renewed our spirit and have full of hope.

I heard the voices of the men and women that I highly esteemed in the blogosphere. I honestly felt overjoyed by the outpouring of support for Miss Twitch, but I am honestly humbled hearing the voices of the bloggers. Reading their thoughts and musings and funny and sad stories are entertaining to me. But hearing their voices left an impression to me that the people I greatly admired are real people and reachable! Kakatawa di ba? But that’s what I feel. Really.

KABLOGS is truly wonderful. It gather people together, it unites OFW blogger from all walks of life. I never thought about that before.

The Project Twitch realized its goal, to help Ms. Twitch buy her plane ticket. Thanks to a very selfless man out there who willingly offered his generous ways. He didn’t only provide an ordinary plane ticket; he even booked her a business class ticket!

There are others too, who come out of their way and gave P1000, P2000, that I was able to gather more than P11,000 for Ms. Twitch pocket money. May tatlong donating point po actually, one is through the effort of Prof. Pa-Jay, and the other is Jen, Ms. Twitch closest friend in Dubai. On Saturday, March 21, Mrs. Thoughtskoto will deposit how much amount we gathered to Ms. Twitch prior to her flight on the 24th to the Philippines.

The story is truly inspiring. We don’t take credit for anything we did. We do what we are supposed to do. To help those in need. To comfort those in need of comfort. And to share one another’s burden that they maybe light and easy. This story prompted a film maker of GMA 7, to ask to feature the story in one of the episodes of OFW DIARIES that is shown on local TV and the international Pinoy TV, and online GMA7.tv

OFW Bloggers unite to help a fellow OFW!

I like the idea. What an exposure! She could be an instant celebrity, suddenly put in a limelight.

But it is not my life story to be featured. It is not just about the OFW Bloggers or Kablogs that unites. It is the life of a young mother and her kids who felt like she has nothing left, except her privacy, and her little pride.

She declined. And I feel a tremendous respect and admiration to her for what she did.

Perhaps, one day, if she is strong enough. Call the GMA 7! Yalah! Sino kayang gaganap na Ms. Twitch? Or Kosa? Or BBW? Or RJ, Pogi, or Jen? Hmmn, pwede ba, if kasali ako sa part ko si hmmn, sino ba, pwede na si Piolo? haha!