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Thursday, July 01, 2021

11 Small House Design With Floor Plan You Should Never Miss!

For those who want to live in their own home and looking for house designs to build, we present 11 amazing single-family house plans created by the professional architects of TM Designs in Thailand.


House Design No. 1 — Modern at the same time contemporary in every element, this family home will be the pride of any homeowner. Glass walls, glass doors and windows, and even the railings in the terrace beautifully contrast the use of concrete, making this house look splendid.

This contemporary house style needs at least 13 by 13 meters as the minimum land requirement. The total usable area of this house plan is 140 SQM for two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living hall, storage area, and kitchen and dining area. Aside from the parking and terrace in the front, one of the most beautiful features of this house is the spacious veranda at the back perfect for small gatherings of families away from the eyes of the public!

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House Design No. 2 — A contemporary design of spacious house plan for mid-sized families. This house features concrete walls in the shades of white, clean, and minimalist lines and the use of glass doors and windows are the norms in this house. This design will surely stand apart in your area.

This house is designed to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a 135 SQM usable area. The minimum land requirement needed for this one is 15 by 9 meters.

House Design No. 3 — Even in a small plot, a small home can be built with all the amenities and comforts of the modern world.  How about this Nordic-style home plan? We cannot deny that Scandinavian homes are meant to be warm and inviting like this one.

This house is designed with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining area, and a spacious garage in a 162 SQM usable area. You need a 13.5 by 12 meters lot as a minimum requirement for building this one.

House Design No. 4 — A traditionally designed and L-shaped countryside house such as this is an amazing abode for perfect family-style living. Enriched with all the good reasons in a compact yet gorgeous look, this house paves the way for a comfortable living space filled with positive vibes and warmth.

This minimalist house has a usable area of 110 SQM and can be built in a 12 by 11.2 meters home lot. This house is consists of one bedroom, one dressing room, one workroom, living room, and kitchen area. Upon checking its floor plan, the dressing room and storage area can be both converted into bedrooms.

House Design No. 5 — This modern loft-style design is the best choice to keep your life happy and contained if you are looking for houses with mixed materials of wood and concrete. With its minimalistic finish and rich fusion of hardwood and glass-glazed windows and doors, this house is a small paradise on earth. An L-shaped house with a low-built veranda is lovely for any homeowner.

This one is perfect for small families since it is designed to have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a veranda in a 100 SQM usable area. The minimum lot requirement for building this one is 11 by 10.95 meters.

House Design No. 6 — Vintage-style houses do not only look good, but they are timeless. While this style of a house is crafted with wood as its core material, the traditional roofing and the elevation add to the beauty of this dwelling. The glass windows and doors, make this house look modern even in vintage style. Its spacious veranda is also awe-inspiring.

This is a small house that you can build in 11 by 9.1 meters with a 95 SQM usable area. This house is designed with one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

House Design No. 7 —  Who said villa-style living is impossible while opting for small houses? A gorgeous villa-style house parched with minimal frontiers and modern-style roofing is a new trend among those who choose compact abodes.

The complete look of this house is completely mesmerizing and too cute to take the eyes off! A contemporary style home plan is 136 SQM and can be erected in an 8 by 13.5 meters home lot.

This beautiful house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, living room, and garage for two cars.

House Design No. 8 — A two-story contemporary house plan. If you want to have more space in your small home lot, building a two-story home is an option. The usable area of this one is 220 SQM and can be built in 9 by 10 SQM. 

The three bedrooms of this house plan are all on the upper floor while the living room, the kitchen, and the dining area are all on the ground floor. Also, it has a storage room and garage in a compact two-story home plan with a scenic facade. 

 Well, this house has enough space for warmth, love, coziness, and rich living that's driven towards the budget-friendly lane!

House Design No. 9 — Small and contemporary home plan for your family.  When it comes to building a budget-friendly house, you should never forget the materials you use to crafting your dream home.  With ample space for maximum sunshine, this house is a perfect choice for small families both in urban or rural living. 

This house is a three-bedroom, two-bedroom home with a garage. The total usable area of this one is 112 SQM and the minimum lot requirement needed is 8 by 14 meters.

House Design No. 10 — This one is an L-shaped and elevated modern loft. Elevated houses are perfect if you have a home lot in flood-prone areas. Glass walls and windows, give this house a majestic look and feel. The neat design concept and the blend of different building materials create a cohesive space that follows the modern design for this home plan.
This one is designed to have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen area.

Also, check out its two verandas in front and at the back. The total usable area of this house is 150 SQM and can be built in 14.10 by 11 meters as minimum lot requirements.

House Design No. 11 — Coming to the end of our 11 gorgeous compact houses, we decided not to miss this one.  A majestic modern house fused with luxurious exteriors, looks, and comfort-all within in a small space. This house is a great idea to flaunt your innovative side in a contemporary style.
This house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and garage.

The total usable area of this house is 109 SQM while the minimum land requirement is 8.4 by 17.10 meters.

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