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Friday, December 04, 2015

NAIA Theft vs. Baggage Handler Stole Toothbrush from Passenger in Dubai.

In a report
"A baggage handler at Dubai airport has been sentenced to three months in jail for stealing a toothbrush from a passenger’s luggage. Dubai Court of First Instance heard the Pakistani also took an Apple iPhone charger as he loaded bags on to a plane at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3. The 24-year-old was spotted taking the items by a security guard, who confronted the worker shortly after the theft on May 1.

The baggage handler was later arrested and put on trial accused of theft. In court, he told Judge Mohammed Jamal he had been hungry and opened a passenger’s bag looking for food. He said: “I opened some bags searching for snacks or sweets. I found the toothbrush and the charger and took them instead.” Prosecutors said an Emirati security officer, aged 30, tasked with monitoring CCTV footage spotted the handler acting suspicious. He said: “I saw him open a passenger’s bag and steal something before loading it on the airplane. “

At first he denied opening the bags and stealing but later he took a toothbrush and phone charger from his pocket. We called Dubai Police, who came and arrested him.” During the investigation, the accused said he would open passengers’ bags to steal anything he could find."
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Compare that to the baggage handlers caight with evidence at the NAIA Airport