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Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Filipino In Saudi Arabia Death Row Was Released After Two Saudi Millionaire's Paid for the Blood Money

Two anonymous Saudi millionaires have reportedly paid SR225,000 or P2.8M or equivalent to a little less than 4 Million Indian Rupee in blood money to free an unidentified Filipino man, a driver of a Saudi owned company who accidentally killed an Indian national in a car accident this year.

According to an Arab News report: The men donated the blood money requested by the victim’s relatives. The Filipino man was working for the firm of the Saudi citizens. A local court has sent a letter to the prison to release the Filipino and consider the case closed, according to a report published by an online news channel.

The Filipino man was driving a van in Al-Rass town in central Saudi Arabia, when he hit the pedestrian, killing him instantly, according to the report, but did not specify when the incident took place.

Ambassador Tago, Philippine Ambassador to Saudi said that funds must have been directly given to prison or must have been paid directly to the family of the victim. 

The OFW was reportedly released and the case was considered closed. 

On a separate news, another OFW named Joselito Zapanta is in need of blood money donation or Diyah to complete the P48M that the family of the Yemeni victim is asking to prevent execution.
In January of this year, a Saudi prince according to a report pledges SR1 Million to help Joselito Zapanta. The family and the Blas Ople Center is asking for more donations since the total amount collected was only P23M so far.