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Monday, December 07, 2015

Call 19911 or Contact Labor Ministry of Saudi For Complains on Labor Abuse or Grievances

We often get this kind of message on Facebook... An OFW needs help, she is being physically abused by her employer... a domestic worker is being threatened by her employer... an OFW is not getting his salary for many months already... another is asking for advise that the contract of employment is being violated and the OFW is working as domestic worker but he/she was hired as nurse. These are only few among the many employment problems that many OFWs face. 
If you are a victim of domestic abuse, or violation in your contract of employment what are you supposed to do?

The Saudi Government now launched an online system where employees can report any kind of grievance, or inquire what should be done when there is contract violation.

Employees, employers, and jobseekers can go to the website of the Labor Ministry and set up a video call, or send e-mail. 

For domestic abuse, which is very common case among female domestic workers. It is advisable to call 19911 or visit the website of musaned, a department in the Ministry of Labor that deals with complains on domestic abuse, employment contracts and recruitment service. Employees with delayed salary for at least 3 months can also complain to the Ministry by calling or through their website. 

Messages can also be sent through their website for other kind of complains or ministry’s Twitter account @mol_care or calling 19911.
According to an article published by Saudi Gazette  video call service shall also be available in their website. 
 “The ministry often receives inquiries from employers, employees and jobseekers. The ministry has a team of technical staff ready to answer the questions it receives via mail or email. However, in order to further expedite the process, the ministry launched its new video call service,”