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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Random Thoughts and Quotes

We won't be here (OFW's) for a lifetime. For me, wherever I go, so long that my family is with me, it's fine. That's our promise. To be together, here and forever.

-Mr. Thoughtskoto

"I don’t see any possible solution for an Overseas Filipino Worker and for his/her family back home to maintain a strong relationship of love and trust than to communicate in any possible means, constantly reassuring each other of the promises they made before the eyes of man, and the eyes of God, and that they will be together till death, and beyond."

My wife and I were taught of the “chastity before marriage and fidelity after marriage.” Our vows are not just to last till death, but for all time and all eternity. Knowing that, even if we are physically separated for now, we are doing every possible means to be together, in the voices of our heart, and the thoughts in our minds.
For true love is never waning and never failing, even a thousand miles apart.

Mr. Thoughtskoto
- From the Kablogs Journal Entry, "For Married OFW's"

"I hope the day will come that there will only be one nation, and no visa rules to follow, I hope the world will value families. And all families won't have a reason not to be together. Family should be forever and should stay together in this life and in the eternities."

- Mrs. Thoughtskoto

‎"In our lives, we will constantly meet 3 different kind of people. Those who are happy living a simple and quiet life with their love ones, those who find happiness in selflessly losing themselves in the service of others, and those who are happy and preoccupied by the praises of men and vanities of this world...There is always a human instinct within us- a longing to matter - to reach out - to serve."

-Mr. Thoughtskoto
From a talk delivered one friday morning at Saudi City, Jeddah

"God hears and answers prayers even those that go unspoken. He listens to the prayers of our hearts."

- Mrs. Thoughtskoto

"Someone told me that people, when they become richer and/or wiser, and/or older, they become prouder, unteachable, and easily offended. I wonder if he's right..."

- Mr. Thoughtskoto

"Some... but not collectively. This is what we call pride cycle, in humility we find success and our pride becomes the reason for our downfall."
Mrs. Thoughtskoto

"The easiest way to find love is to give love, the quickest way to end it is to hold it tight but the best way to keep it is to let if fly." - Mr. Thoughtskoto

"When the world evolves just around you, you'll feel miserable. But if the world evolves around the rest of us, you'll see the bigger picture, you'll be enlightened and then you'll have a greater understanding. There are people who talk and talk, wear sunglasses at night and earplugs all the time, figuratively speaking, are people who are miserable."

- Mr. Thoughtskoto

And no matter what others say, or testify, it is only thru the Spirit of God that we will know if these things are indeed true. How marvelous a simple sincere prayer can do....
-Mrs. Thoughtskoto

Sometimes, I have this weird thoughts. I'll live my life so that those who hurt, maligned, belittled and trampled me regretted doing so. Sometimes, I want them to see who I become because of what they did. In short, I am strengthened and become better because of challenges posed by people like them. But it is not healthy. Not good. I should not harbor hatred, but instead, forgive and forget.

Mr. Thoughtskoto

"Life isn't perfect, but the thought that you have a wonderful family, a loving husband and sweet daughter, makes everything worth it. And no matter how imperfect some things maybe it still feels a bit of heaven on earth."

-Mrs. Thoughtskoto

‎"You are just one person, you can't do anything." Well, thats a sad thing, but you know what, if this one person can influence a thousand, you better be ready. You never ever underestimate the ability and the capacity of one simple person. You might think he's a fool or a loser, but one day, he is the one who live a happy life, and more successful than you."

-Mr. Thoughtskoto

"Wrong notion of many: Didn't get an education because we're only poor. Would want to help if we're rich. The kids are behaving like that because the family is not well-off. Would have done this and that if am a millionaire. not having enough finances is not an excuse, its not the first and last option to be able to do things you want."
-Mrs. Thoughtskoto

"As we get older and become wiser, we realize that beauty fades with the years, but kind heart lives forever. So when we look at a person, do we see "beauty" within and the kind of heart he has? The problem is we are so blinded or perhaps wicked that we cannot see ones heart. For me, the only ugly person is those who sow ugliness"

-Mr. Thoughtskoto

"They say there are three kinds of people, the stupid who makes mistakes, the smart who learn from his mistakes, and the wise who makes mistakes, learn from them and never did the same mistake again."

-Mr. Thoughtskoto

"What do we have to prove? Why so many people are so concern with what others will say or think about them, rather than what they can do to make their lives better and then serve others well? Just a thought, way too deep, but so true as well."

-Mr. Thoughtskoto



NoBenta said...

nice and very inspiring sir!

i love this one: "The easiest way to find love is to give love, the quickest way to end it is to hold it tight but the best way to keep it is to let if fly."

Ken said...

Thanks a lot Nobenta.