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Friday, August 06, 2010

Top 5 Free and Cheap Communication Ideas to the Philippines (1)

Anyway, since we here at the Thoughtskoto are so supportive of the PEBA's 2010 THEME, and that is strengthening the OFW families, we would like to focus our entries on some tips and ideas on communication, love, faith, trust and even processing of family papers.

The first that we, the Thoughtskoto's are going to give you are the Top 5 cheap communication ideas to our love ones in the Philippines. We are hoping that if you have more ideas how a Filipino abroad can maximize his/her savings in trying to establish communications to love ones and friends back home, share it at the comment below or email us.

Here it is,

1. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol is one of the easiest ways to make phone calls today that are free or cheap, excellent quality, and outstanding features. It is a telephone or a phone, connected through internet, while calling your love ones back home.

The set-up is simple, using either one of the three available options:

a) Analog or local Telephone

b) Wifi or IP enabled Mobile Phone (most Nokia E Series)

c) PC/Laptop/Netbook

Since most of us are familiar with PC/Laptop/Netbook using Skype and other messengers, I would like to deal simply on the first two option. And because not most of us have landlines, I would focus my step-by step support on Mobile Phones, Wifi or Not.

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Thoughtskoto is changing for the better. We been here for the last 5 years, and we have not done much better, so I think it is really time we will post some helpful tips and ideas for our kababayans.

I will give you a few ideas for now, since this is pretty easy to do, but in my next post, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to set-up your phone for VOIP Free/Cheap calls, wherever you are, whatever you, as long as you have internet, it will be rewarding.

Talking about internet, those of you in Saudi Arabia might want to consider using a Quick Net or a Mobily Broadband at home.

Al though I still would want to recommend you to apply for a DSL line, which is cheaper, and faster, especially STC, a lot of us don't want to apply for a telephone line and on the move can make use of this Wireless Broadband.

This is worth 360Sr for one month, and the next month, you will pay, 260SR, but upon purchase if you buy for a 6 months package, you will get two months free. It has two LAN CABLE slot, and up to more than 5 users of WIFI at 2.0 MBPS. No need to install anything, just buy the product, plug it into the electric, and detect in your laptop or in your PC with Alfa (Wifi detector/enhancer) and you are surfing the net. You can change the configuration in the instruction manual provided. It is very good.

Now that you have internet, you are good to go. Now some of you have internet at home and at work. That is great. We will continue discussing this in my next post on how to use VOIP as a free/cheap calls to mobile phones.

For the meantime, I'll leave you with the following good links that will give you ideas about what I am talking about.





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