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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

5 Small, Beautiful, and Relaxing Homes!

Aside from having a beautiful house, perhaps, most of us want a relaxing home where we can grow old and retire. A place where a living condition is comfortable not only for us but also for our family members. 

If you are looking for a beautiful and relaxing home, here are some inspiring designs you might love! These homes are not just for relaxation but also reflection, especially if being constructed in a spacious home lot or the countryside.

House Design No. 1 — A European Country House

A small and beautiful house with simple functionality. This house displays a warm and natural aura. Modernity mixed with farmhouse style. The white walls and gray roof combination are successful in creating a harmonious balance with the wood structure in the terrace and the front door. The front of the house has a wide veranda that can be used as a relaxation area or for outdoor activities.

This would suit as a nice home for that future retirement. A one-floor house in the countryside provides a private atmosphere. A wonderful retreat, far from the pollution and noise. Being surrounded by trees also gives you more oxygen that is helpful for faster brain function.


House Design No. 2 — Modern Tropical Style House

A house that perfectly combines simplicity and minimalist style. A gable roof, warm colors, spacious terrace, and wide glass windows and doors!  The wide glass walls are nice to let you feel more in touch with nature and the outdoors. This house is a one-story house with simple exteriors designed in white tones. It has a two-way entrance - a normal step and a rap suitable for the elderly.

This house is located in a rural area close to natural surroundings. There is a large terrace in the back of the house designed for relaxation.


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House Design No. 3 — Single-story Modern Style

This modern-style single-story house is perfect for small families since it has two bedrooms and one bathroom in a usable 144 square meter area. A home design that emphasizes simplicity and the highlight of this house is the design of the surrounding area as a U-shaped balcony. Therefore, the exterior has a lot of space to use.
The balcony is also connected to the awning roof. It helps prevent sunlight and rain in the balcony area as well.

This home is spacious and delightful to the eyes. Being in a nice neighborhood is always a plus in terms of security and safety. You get to enjoy having morning walks or morning exercises along with the lawn. 

House Design No. 4 — Pine Wood House

Compact, modern design with classic woodwork. Our house number 4 gives a warm and relaxing feeling, sun, and rain resistant and suitable for small families. As you can see the entrance area has a small reception terrace where you can set a small table and chairs for sitting and relaxing.

The exterior is decorated with all pine wood. The wood slat walls create a nice texture and contrast which makes a simple but classy design. There are two tones, a cream tone, and a dark blue tone. This house is composed of one bedroom and one bathroom in a usable area of 47 square meters.

House Design No. 5 — Small Modern Wooden House

A small modern house designed for relaxation in a warm atmosphere. This house was built on the foundation and has a very compact usable area of 22 square meters. The exterior wall is decorated with wood painted in dark gray. Windows and doors opt for transparent glass that adds a modern aura to this house.

Surrounding the house is an open and spacious courtyard with wooden fences and a private forest. On the inside, the house is decorated with all woodwork, from the floors, walls up to the ceiling that gives a warm and close-to-nature ambiance like a wooden hut in the forest. Despite this, this house is fully equipped with modernity that meets the needs of the homeowner.


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