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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Video on Chinese Social Media Alleges That People are Spitting in Public to Spread the Coronavirus

China virus death toll surges past 1,500 while more than 66,000 people have now been infected. On the other hand, this Chinese coronavirus social media video widely circulated on Chinese social media alleges that people are spitting in public in a bid to spread the coronavirus in the affected country.


A woman was caught on CCTV maliciously spreading the virus by putting water in her mouth and spitting it onto surfaces people touch and sit on.

And this another video caught in CCTV, a Chinese family of four from Guangxi province deliberately spat on tissue & smeared their saliva all over elevator buttons.

Via NY Post:
A woman in the epicenter city of Wuhan was caught on surveillance video sneaking out late at night during the quarantine and spitting on a doorknob in her apartment complex, according to the Taiwan News.
A person who discovered the footage reported it to security guards. Moments later, police officers clad in hazmat suits arrived and sanitized public areas in the building.
Authorities said the case is under investigation, adding that more than 30 of the building’s residents have tested positive for coronavirus and that more than 90 have fevers, the news outlet reported.
It was unclear if the woman — whom many people described as “a demon walking on Earth” and “a sociopath trying to take revenge on her own country” — also was infected by the virus.

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