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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Take Note: 7 Signs That You May Have Kidney Infection

How sure are you that your kidneys are healthy? According to experts, there are signs that you may have kidney infection.


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"Kidney infections should not be messed around with. At the first indication that something is obviously wrong, even if it is just a mild urinary tract infection, consult your physician. It is usually much easier to tackle infections early on, than to wait and see how things turn out," Natural Food Series noted.

And because--as Benjamin Franklin said--"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," one must be aware of the signs of having kidney failure. Some of which are:

1. Increased Urinary Frequency
Increased urinary frequency is the first obvious sign of having a urinary tract infection or kidney infection. The need to urinate several times in the space of a few minutes goes on and on until one starts to address the underlying infection.

“Urinary frequency is common to both types of infection, so this is usually one sign that needs to be observed in conjunction with others to come to a diagnosis of a kidney infection,” it was noted.
2. Blood in the Urine
When it comes to kidney infections, blood in the urine is almost always because the bacterial infection has worsened from the initial stage. 

“Inflammation along any part of the urinary tract will result in some degree of bleeding, microscopic or otherwise, but if it is highly visible and you have pain characteristic of a kidney infection, it should not be ignored. Women are more likely to see bleeding from these types of infections as there urinary tract is generally longer, with a greater surface area,” it was  explained.

3. Urgency Of Urination
People with kidney infections tend to lose the ability to hold their urine, making it necessary for them to go to the nearest washroom immediately.
4. Lower Back Pain 
People with kidney disease also experience lower back pain.

“Based on the anatomical position of the kidneys, any process that causes inflammation of this organ, such as an infection will occur with associated pain. The pain may be dull and throbbing, or more intense and penetrating. Regardless, this is a very reliable indicator that you probably have a kidney infection, especially if it occurs with other symptoms such as urinary frequency,” it was explained.

5. Nausea And Vomiting
When nausea and vomiting occur with other common symptoms of kidney infections such as back pain and urinary frequency, one should not ignore it and should immediately seek medical attention.
6. Fever
Kidney infections tend to develop after one have been sitting on a urinary track infections for a while and more likely to occur with fever.

“A fever is indicative that your body is gripping with an infection and actively trying to get control of it. Do not be afraid to use over-the-counter fever reducers to reduce your body temperature, as fever is not something that you need to wait out- that belief is an old wives tale,” it was advised.

7. Cloudy Urine
While cloudy urine is more commonly associated with the presence of a sexually transmitted infection, a high bacterial density could also cause cloudiness in the urine if a kidney infection is left long enough.

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