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Friday, May 20, 2016

The 12 New 2016 Philippines Senators and Their Stand on Death Penalty

These are the new Senators of the Philippines, proclaimed by the Comelec. Check on their stand on the DEATH PENALTY issue. The one highlighted in Blue means they are in favor of the death penalty restoration, while those in the red means they don't want death penalty to be reimposed. 

Franklin Drilon
Open to debates for revival of death penalty. 
 Drilon says he is open to reopening debates on calls for the revival of the death penalty, owing mainly to the recent spate of crimes, many of which remain unsolved.
Joel Villanueva

Yes to Death Penalty. 
“Yung mga kasuklam-suklam na krimen, kailangang pagbayaran."

Vicente Sotto III 

Yes to Death Penalty. 
Sotto filed Senate Bill 2080 proposing the re-imposition of the death penalty for heinous crimes specified under Republic Act 7659 or the now repealed Death Penalty Law. “I stand once more advocating the return of the death penalty for certain heinous crimes like murder, rape and drug trafficking,”

Panfilo Lacson
Yes to Death Penalty. 
“I’m fully supportive of the revival of the death penalty especially for big time drug lords and heinous crime offenders, but not in the manner being suggested such as by hanging. Aside from being inhuman, I don’t want out people, much less our children to witness medieval age-like executions even of the most notorious criminals."
Richard Gordon
No to Death Penalty. 
Gordon is against the reinforcement of the death penalty, mainly because he believes that the nation's police forces "are lawful in terms of their investigative capabilities". For him, the re-imposition of the death penalty would only promote injustice since the Philippine society tends to put the blame on people but never try to provide real solutions to the problems.

Juan Miguel Zubiri
Yes to Death Penalty

Last 2010, Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri said he filed Senate Bill No. 2383 in hopes that reimposing the death penalty would deter the commission of heinous crimes in the Philippines.

“Let us restore the death penalty for heinous crimes. I always say, if you do the crime, you do the time. Now I say, if you do a heinous crime, then you can say goodbye to your time."

Manny Pacquiao
Yes to Death Penalty.
“Pabor ako sa death penalty. Gusto kong i-explain sa inyo ha. Sa mata ng Panginoon, hindi bawal yan. Actually death penalty is biblical. I can explain that properly sa batas natin at sa batas ng Panginoon kung bakit kailangan may death penalty."

Francis Pangilinan
No to Death Penalty.
Last 2009 Senate press release: "Reimposing the death penalty will not lead to more convictions, nor will it ensure that cases will be decided swiftly and the guilty punished. The death penalty will not address lawlessness and criminality when convictions are few and cases drag on for years on end. Modernizing our justice system is the key to end lawlessness and criminality."
Risa Hontiveros
No to Death Penalty. 
"I was part of the movement na ipawalang bisa ang death penalty noon."
Sherwin Gatchalian
Yes to Death Penalty.
“Obviously, these convicted drug lords are able to bribe corrupt jails since they are serving life sentence which only carries a maximum of 30 years imprisonment. I firmly believed that if death penalty on big-time drug traffickers will serve as a deterrent and will lessen if not totally eradicate the drug problem in our country.”

Ralph Recto
Yes to Death Penalty.
"Death penalty must be imposed for those involved in large-scale drug trafficking, including military and police officials who coddle and conspire with them."

Leila de Lima
No to Death Penalty.
“I do believe that that is not the solution. The solution is to fix the justice system. The new executive should start with the strict and faithful enforcement of laws."©2016 THOUGHTSKOTO

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