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Saturday, May 21, 2016

How To Secure Police Clearance In Saudi Arabia (Before or After Your Exit)

Securing a police clearance before your exit in Saudi Arabia is not that easy, but guess what, if opportunity arises in the future to work and immigrate in another country, this is one of the documents that will be required from you. But acquiring clearance when you are no longer residing here will take longer, and cost you more. So before you go on exit you might want to consider securing your police clearance just in case you need it in the future. 

Here is a guide will hopefully help you:

How to secure police clearance when in Saudi Arabia (for expatriates still residing in KSA)

1. If you are still in Saudi Arabia you needed to visit your embassy or consulate and secure an endorsement letter.
In the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah, they asked for 
1 pc. 2x2 picture 
accomplished form which will be given to you (I was advised to get the form from window 1 )
Payment of: SR100

After filling this up, you will be required to pay  SR 100. Then I was told to come back after 2 days to get the endorsement letter. 

2. On the 3rd day, I picked up the endorsement letter for police clearance. Personal appearance is required, and I have to ask my spouse to come with me, or you could bring with you his/her ID, Iqama, passport and authorization letter. And don't forget to present the payment receipt of SR100 which you paid during your application. 

3. The next steps will be to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)for stamping. 
DOCUMENTS NEEDED: Endorsement letter from the consulate/embassy 
Iqama to be presented at the stamping window. 
If you are a male, you should do this as early as possible, being there by 4:00 A.M. is not over-rated. One of our friends took several attempts just to get the stamp because they only accept certain number of applicants per day. Women however have easier way of getting the stamp on their endorsement letter. 
When we went to MFA, we were advised to pay SR30 for stamping service, you will be doing this on any of the private agencies outside the building. The agencies however charges to do that and you will have to pay a total of  SR50 for each document. So we paid a total of SR100 for mine and my husband's stamping service. They gave me a 2 page document in Arabic which will be presented at the counter in MFA together with the Iqama so that the endorsement letter could be stamped. 

4. Once your letter had been stamped, you needed to go to the police station.
JEDDAH: it is located near the Islamic Development Bank

RIYADH: Visit Deirah Police Station

DAMMAM/ KHOBAR: Visit the police station  located opposite (diagonally) the Governor's Palace. 

You will need to present your stamped endorsement letter. We did not pay anything at the police station. 

YOU WILL NEED: a 2x2 picture 
Photo copy of your passport
Original passport and Iqama will be presented 
Hours open: 9:00 AM to 2:00PM and they are open even on Saturday

It took us almost 30 minutes to get things done on our first visit. After the finger prints were taken. We were given a claim stab with the date of our return or when we could claim the report. Mine was after 12 days and my husband was asked to return after 14 days. 

5. You have to go back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for stamping of police clearance. 
Stamping FEE: SR50 per document 
Again, we paid on the private agencies/ offices outside the MFA. They gave us 2- page paper showing we paid for the stamping and we have to present it together with the documents and iqama. 

6. TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENT: Visit Chamber of Commerce accredited translation office for the translation of your Police Clearance. We went to a translation office near US consulate along Hail St. near Falasteen. 
Translation fee: SR75 per document
Most translation office opens at around 5:00P.M. 
We were asked to return after 5 hours to pick-up the translated documents. This could vary depending on the translation office. 

Here is a photo of the list of accredited translation centers which is posted at Window 1 in the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah. 

7. AUTHENTICATION: Bring the translated Police Clearance to the consulate or embassy for authentication. 
Authentication FEE: SR100 per document
Bring: extra copy of all the documents and 2 photo copies of your passport. 
Processing Time: 2 days
Again we were asked to return after 2 days, the releasing time is after 4:00 P.M. 

And there you have your authenticated POLICE CLEARANCE! 
However if you are no longer residing in Saudi Arabia, and you needed Police clearance here is the process as per the information given at Philippine Consulate in Jeddah. 

How to get police clearance when you are no longer in Saudi Arabia

If you needed to secure police clearance for work or immigration requirements but you no longer live in Saudi Arabia, be prepared for a lengthy process and many fees. Here are the requirements by the Philippine Consulate/embassy.

You have two options:
1. To secure police clearance if you can still provide the documents and requirements.
2. To request for "Certificate of No Derogatory Records" (NDR) from your consulate or embassy.

Quite a tedious and lengthy process huh. So if you are still in Saudi Arabia and going on exit, we advise you secure police clearance just in case you might need it in the future. 
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