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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Saudi Is Working On A Plan To Issue Permanent Residence Card

In an interview the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman disclosed a plan to issue permanent residence card similar to the green card system of United States. 

Prince Mohammed:"...We are working on a specific program similar to the green card..."

Read the whole transcript of his interview here.

If implemented, the system allowing permanent residence will allow expatriates to own property and undertake commercial, industrial and other business related activities. Implementation of this will also help generate revenue for Saudi economy.

Here are the thoughts of some expatriate workers:

“This is actually in recognition of the universal human rights of residency. We are glad to see the host government extending such a privilege to deserving expats.”-  John Monterona, (OFW Forces Worldwide)

“This will also help the Kingdom’s economy and increase its revenues. It will bolster their manpower without relying on oil.” -Jehad Zacaria Pangcoga, Philippines

“I am just like many other expatriates who have spent more than half of their lives in this country. All my children were born here. So it is really a great honor if this privilege of either permanent residence or a green card is granted to us.”- Saleh Ampaso Bucay, Tawuniya Engineer working in Saudi since 1992