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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

How To Verify If Land Title Is Authentic

Step by step process how you can check the AUTHENTICITY OF LAND TITLE from the Registry of Deeds... CTC

If you are planning to invest in properties or purchasing land it is very important to verify the legitimacy of your contract or deed of sale by checking first if the seller really has legal ownership or rights to the property. Nowadays, even land titles are being faked by scammers. 
Photo credit Phil Property Expert

So before you close the sale here is the best way to check and ensure that the title is really authentic.

1. Ask for a copy of LAND TITLE- legitimate seller will not have problem providing this since it is only a photocopy and not the original one. 

2. Visit the Registry of Deeds and ask for a CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of the title- You will be presenting the COPY of the LAND TITLE and they might also ask you to fill up the form for your request. If asked for your purpose, inform them you are interested in buying the property. 
The processing fee is around Php 300.00 


3. If the LAND TITLE presented to you is authentic they will be able to pull out the title for the property. Remember the CTC or certified true copy from the Registry of Deeds should have the same details and information and perfectly match the Land Title of the seller.  

Moreover here are other tips to check the authenticity of the land title.