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Monday, April 25, 2016

Modern Bamboo Houses Interior and Exterior Designs

Many Asian houses are built made of bamboo and nipa, although some may question its durability and stability specially during typhoons, houses built with this materials have a plus factor when it comes to insulation. I remember growing up in the province, my grandparents house have bamboo cladding in their concrete walls. The bamboo acts as good insulation specially during noon time and it also creates a cool and refreshing ambiance.
. Although more and more houses are now built using concrete, bamboo houses will always hold a special place in my heart not only because it is practical and economical but also because of its beauty.

Here are some bamboo house designs:


The usual houses made of bamboo and nipa are usually called "bahay kubo" in Philippines. Its posts are normally made of strong timbers, this one below made it more sturdy by using concrete posts to enhance the strength of the foundation. It is also elevated to protect the house in case of flood.

The usual problems of nipa houses are the roofings. Storms and typhoons could easily break down and take off the roof, but this modern bamboo house adapted a more durable roofing.


Bamboo walls or cladding does not only add beauty but can also act as insulation. It is usually adapted and used in many Asian countries.



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