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Monday, November 16, 2015

Touching Story. Si Nanay Gloria and her Alaga

This is a summary of what happened to Nanay Gloria in Hongkong, the OFW who had been a victim of tanim-bala at NAIA. How she lost her job because of the incident. 
Upon her return to Hongkong we learned that her employer had terminated her contract. The bitter ending of her story eventually turned into something heart touching. The emotions surrounding everyone as the nanny and child hugged to bid farewell to each other. Read the posts below from the people who personally accompanied Nanay Gloria on her return to Hongkong as they witnessed the events that took place....
Miss Susan Ople narrated to us, during the time when they were about to pick up the stuffs of Nanay Gloria from her employers house, they would not let them in. They would not even let the child that Nanay Gloria cared for the last 15 years (since he was born) see her or say goodbye to her. But the child cried and still insisted that he be given the chance to hug Nanay Gloria for the last time. The child eventually  found way to snuck out  and say his farewell, which was heartbreaking to watch they said. 

Mission Accomplished! After a tearful, bitter parting of ways last night that even required the presence of HK police,...
Posted by Susan Ople on Sunday, November 15, 2015

All's well that ends well. Nanay Gloria Ortinez and her employer Maggie have agreed to settle their differences. The...
Posted by Daisy Catherine Mandap on Sunday, November 15, 2015

The following day, Nanay Gloria received a phone call from the employer asking if they could talk. They were worried for their child who didn't get  sleep, and who had been crying throughout the night, the child wouldn't also eat breakfast or dinner. As they spoke, the employer wanted to re-hire Nanay Gloria and settle the things in a much favorable way for their family and for her.

Good news mga kabayan! Nagusap uli ngayong umaga si Nanay Glo at ang kanyang amo at willing raw syang tanggapin uli sa...
Posted by Susan Toots Ople on Sunday, November 15, 2015