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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nihongo Center Foundation Is Offering Online Nihongo/Japananese Language Training With Certification


1. Basic English Language 100 hours
2. Basic Japanese Language and Culture 150 hours

But for some of you working overseas and wanted to learn Nihongo, here is the online or e-learning course offered by the Nihongo Center Foundation, Inc. with certificate for P7,500
Nihongo Center Foundation Inc.
Standard answers to frequently asked questions regarding the e-NIHONGO program 

Q1: What is the Nihongo Center (NCF)  e-NIHONGO (e-Learning) program? 

A: The e-learning program is a course designed for students to learn Nihongo at his own pace, anytime and anywhere. Instructions and exercises in the form of videos and prepared online materials are utilized to sharpen vocabulary, listening and reading skills.

Q2: Who can enrol in the program? 

A: Anybody who is interested in learning Nihongo is eligible to enrol in the e-learning program. The program is designed to accommodate busy people who require flexibility in schedule.

Q3: How does the program typically work? 

A: The course is available online and can be accessed by the learner anytime,anywhere using his assigned password.  Learning activities will be in the form of instructional videos on grammar patterns, audio for pronunciation and listening skills and other drills designed to hone reading and conversational skills. 

Each student will be required to go through periodic assessment of their skill throughout the course. For example, after completing lessons one to five, an assessment will be inserted as an activity to ensure that the student is learning before he/she can proceed to lesson six. 

The assessment is a one to one dialogue between the student and an NCF Faculty member via Skype. Result of the assessment and recommendation will be sent to the student through email. 

The student must make an appointment for the assessment. An assessment can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Q4: What are the advantages of taking the e-NIHONGO program? 

A: The program enables learners who have busy schedules to study the course from the comfort of their own home or office at their own pace in their own time, thus, minimizing the amount of time spent travelling.  The course is designed for beginners covering 10 lessons with Hiragana, Katakana and basic Kanji instructions.  Since it is designed as individual learning, the student could actually learn more in a shorter span of time compared to attending a regular classroom course.

Q5: How much does it cost? 

A:  Seven thousand five hundred pesos (Php7,500).

Q6: Does my course enrolment expire? 

A:  The student is given three months to complete the on-line course.

Q7: If I have questions, will there be a teacher around whom I can consult? 

A:  A user messaging system and mailbox is available for the student’s use.

Q8: When will the e-NIHONGO program start? 

A:  Actual Launch :  2012

Q9: Im interested. How do I enroll? 

A:  A downloadable on-line Registration form and a ‘step by step’ enrollment procedure will be posted soon.

      In the mean time, we encourage you to email us at so we can add you to our advanced enrollment listing.

Q10: How does the Nihongo Center (NCF) e-NIHONGO (e-Learning) program differ from other online courses? 


- NCF e-Learning is the 1st of its kind Nihongo on-line training in the Philippines to use ‘self-paced / instruction –led’  e-Learning class structure.

- NCF e-Learning offer a ‘blended’ e-Learning experience; elements of on-line applications or web applications combined with ‘in-person’ interaction (teacher-on-line via Skype).

- NCF e-Learning offer a full beginner course that carries the same weight as a regular classroom course.

- NCF e-Learning created assessments such as on-line quizzes and feedbacks that the learner will receive from an NCF Faculty member.

- The learner will be eligible for a certificate of completion and enrollment to the next level.

Disclaimer: The tuition cost information may be subject to change without notice. We advise that you contact the institution directly for any question.