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Sunday, August 16, 2009


We have been contemplating lately about the real purpose of our blogging as well as of founding the PEBA and KABLOGS. Our real intention really is to build people, or to make other people/blogger happy. We don't want to tear others or put other blogger/s down.

We have had experiences of fighting back using our blog in answer to some people's blog post or entry. We had the obligation to do so, since we are attacked in the same medium, and we felt we have the obligation to stand and correct whatever notion other people back home about us, Filipino's leaving the country for the betterment of our families and for the fulfillment of our simple dreams.

Reading through the blog world and hearing some news, I alarmed. There seems to me people or blogger that exist to destroy others, or to humiliate others, or lightly, to make fun of others right at the net.

We want people to be the best in their field. We want them to make the most of their talents and skills and share those stories because it will create inspiration or give happiness to others.

Sabi nga nila,

IF YOU KNOW OR FEEL ANYTHING IN YOU THAT IS GOOD, and RIGHTEOUS, as long as you are not doing any harm to others, do it, because it might be God's wisdom telling us to be kind, to be better people.

Sabi nila ang masamang damo, matagal namamatay, kaya kung ayaw mong mamatay, magpakasama ka.


I can't believe people will have that principle in life.


ang sama!

We want people to be kind and decent, we want to be good because we know that if we are good, we feel better and if we feel better, we are healthy, and if we are healthy, we live happy, thus, we live a much longer life.

Bakit ang mga pinoy sa abroad, hindi tumatanda? haha

Kasi masasaya kahit malungkot.

Alam mo yun.

Maraming pera? Maybe.

Masarap ang mga pagkain? Maybe.

But ang mga pinoy sa abroad, feeling nila nakakatulong sila ng malaki sa pamilya, kamag-anak at komunidad kaya masaya sila, at dahil masaya sila, walang wrinkles, kaya feeling young and looking young. One fine example is Isla De Nebz. Alam natin na ?0 na ang edad niya di ba. Pero he really look young, at mukhang mas matanda pa nga ako tingnan kaysa sa kanya. haha. Di kita binabati dito Nebz dahil I'm courting you to be the EIC ng PEBA Magazine, hehe, pero honest to goodness lang ito.

Building people is actually inspiring them. We inspire others, my friends in PEBA and KABLOGS makes me a better person, as well as my friends in the blogosphere. If that simple act of blogging a little here and a little there will create inspiration to someone like me, let us encourage others to blog and share and inspire and build people, by and by, we won't notice it, but we are transforming the place we live in, our family, though they maybe distant and far-away, our associates in work, our host country, and the world.


By the way, may mga pagbabago na nga sa PEBA homesite. Salamat Jon the Mango!



Nebz said...

Ouch! Bata pa naman ako a!

Siguro mukha lang akong bata because I'm petite in size tsaka araw-araw akong naliligo (ano raw?).

Sino ung tinutukoy mo Kenjie? Parang nawawala na ako sa sirkulasyon a.

Ken said...

Thanks Nebz. If you are aware of the awards stuffs in the net, you will find some blogger dishing the one running the award because they lost. hehehe

I know you know what i mean.

A-Z-3-L said...

hmmm... no comment at all...

pero gusto kong hulaan ung ? sa age ng blogger behind Isla de Nebz... hmmmm ?0... 40?

tabi.. tabi po....