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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Three Essential Things In Life (That I Want)

Three Essential Things I want in Life.

There are things in life, seemingly small and simple but truly essential. There are things we sometimes take for granted or overlooked. Things we truly need to make the most of our lives. Here is my three essential things that I want in life, assuming I am already rich. (Nyahaha!)

I want good health.

This is the most simple things we can ask, and the most precious asset we ever have, and yet it is also the most neglected aspect of our lives. People eat and eat and eat like all the foods will run out tomorrow. We fed our bodies with substances that we know to be harmful and dangerous. I was still very young when I memorize the line "Health is wealth". How true that is. People work like there's no tomorrow to earn and save so much money, wearing their bodies out, and when sickness and diseases strikes, they spend all their savings trying to restore their health. To save is good, but to be healthy with savings is even more better.

They said that what comes in, will come out. Unfortunately what we have taken in our bodies will not all come out the same, some waste will come out, some will stay inside to nourish or damage the body.

We cannot have the other two unless we don't have good health. It is very central part of our lives, it is very central to our peace of mind and happiness.

Start by exercising, eating right, and yes, take sometime to rest and get enough sleep.
(Am I talking to myself? hehe)

I want Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is essential in our lives. Good health will give you the peace and worry-free sleep in the night, as well as being free with debt. The greater your peace of mind, the more relaxed and positive you are, the less stress you suffer, the better is your overall health. You see it is almost interrelated.

The more peaceful your mind is, the better are your relationships, the more optimistic, friendly and confident you are with everyone in your life. When you feel good about yourself on the inside, you do your work better and take more pride in it. You are a better manager or employee. And the greater your overall peace of mind, the more likely you are to earn a good living, save regularly for the future and ultimately achieve financial independence.

You cannot have peace of mind if you injure or hurt others. The memory will haunt you no matter how small and trivial they maybe. You cannot have peace of mind if you lie or is keeping a lie within you. Others can, maybe, but I can't and any God-fearing person know this.

You cannot have peace of mind if you live a borrowed life, credits beyond your income, and pride and vanity without regards. Simple living with a healthy body and a peaceful mind, will give you the third and last essential part that I want to have in life.

I want happiness.

We all do. We all want to live life with happiness and joy. Bickering and disagreement are normal, a few of them makes life meaningful and sweeter.



Janette Toral said...

The three things you mentioned are very important. They are things that richness can't just buy. Writing them down helps affirm this and be reminded whenever we go out of line. Cheers!

The Dork One said...

i hope we all get those three beautiful things!

Sprinkled Words (former Miss Milk) said...

All very true. :) Well put.