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Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are like Parker pens

Do you know the story of a Parker Pen?

Why it is very expensive and the most famous pen gifts?

From the noblest metal to the most durable one, it uses brass plated gold, silver, platinum as pen body, every Parker pen is crafted meticulously and differently, ensuring quality.

Just making the nib alone will last one week.

Every prototype is tested 200,000 times,

even testing by hands, placing it in the pocket of the shirt several thousand times,

placing it under the freezing temperatures,

the hottest oven, and many other quality test.

We are like Parker pens, made individually and especially by God, tested, tried, and challenged in life to come out the better, or the best.

We are not cheap experiments, in the laboratory of life.

We have eternal destiny, don't lose sight of the greatness and eternal happiness

ahead over a little or simple worries and challenges here on earth.


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