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Friday, January 31, 2020

Thieves Oil: Can It Protect Us From Deadly Viruses and Bacteria?

You probably heard or read of bubonic plague or black plague in world history class. It has been considered as one of the most pandemic plague that killed millions of people in Europe. It was estimated to have caused the death of 75 to 200 million people in Europe and Asia and it wiped off  30%- 60% of the population of Europe in  1300.  
The cause of the death plague, bacteria called Yersinia pestis.  
 The story became more interesting when four French thieves who are notorious in robbing the dead or people infected with the plague but they never became infected. They touched the sick and dead people who were highly contagious but they never got sick.  It turned out they doused themselves with a concoction of oils, botanicals and vinegar to protect themselves from being infected. When they were caught, they were promised merciful punishment provided they divulge the ingredients or their secret formula which they did.   


The four thieves during the black plague in Europe used a secret formula which is now known as thieves oil. 
Thieves oil is actually a combination of five essential oils of cinnamon, lemon, clove, rosemary and eucalyptus.
This oil blend is now available in the market and comes in many  different brands.  As it claim, many essential oil consumer says diffusing thieves oil helps protect them from seasonal flu, or helps them recover fast from strep throat, cold and fever. 

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Some are using thieves oil as a natural home cleaner and antiseptic. The essential oil can be diluted with water or other carrier oil and use it to spray and purify the air in your bedroom if you do not have an oil diffuser.   According to some 
Essential oil companies claim that thieves oil has anti-viral, antibacterial,  antiseptic and antifungal properties. It can be used as a hand sanitizer, and can also be used as a rub on the chest or neck. 

So how does this oil combination work? Here are some facts about the essential oils used to make thieves oil. 

Clove oil- Clove is a very fragrant spice that is powerful against e. Coli, and is widely used to stop a toothache. It is an insect repellant, particularly for fleas. 

Cinamon oil- Cinamon essential oil is a good antiviral, anti-inflammatory and enhances circulation. It can also alleviate muscle pain. 

Rosemary oil- Supports the respiratory function. It improves alertness, concentration, and mental activity. It also reduces stress and nervousness.  It can be used for cramps, and is also good for digestion and bloating. 

Eucalyptus oil- It can be used to relieve fever, nasal congestion, asthma, it helps calm cough. It is a purifying agent and has anti-bacterial properties. It supports the health of the respiratory system. 

Lemon oil- It has detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-fungal properties. You can use lemon essential oil to sanitize wound as it has anti-bacterial properties. It activates white blood cells and stimulates the immune system. It also enhances the absorption of essential oils through the skin. 

Still not convinced if this essential oil will work against virus, mold and bacteria? Watch the video below on how this woman experimented with few drops of thieves oil. 

 Here is a recipe you can follow to make your own thieves oil. 

40 Drops of Clove Oil
35 Drops Lemon Oil or Orange Oil
20 Drops Cinnamon Oil
15 Drops Eucalyptus Oil
10 Drops Rosemary Oil

Mix these oils in a dark bottle and store in a cool place. If you are diffusing, use 3-5 drops of pure thieves oil. Dilute depending on how you intend to use it. 
Dilution guide: 
For oil diffuser/ humidifier: 3-5 drops diffuse in your room for 30 minutes. Diffusing can also help if you have a stuffy nose. 
Sanitizer: 15 drops thieves oil per 30 ml of coconut oil, or other carrier oil like almond oil, olive oil, argan oil.  You can use this as a sanitizer, and as a rub on hands, feet, and at the back of your ears especially when you are feeling unwell due to cold, or flu. 
Spray mist to purify air in case you have no oil diffuser: 10-15 drops of pure thieves oil per ounce or for every 30 ml of water. 
All-purpose cleaner: 2% thieves oil diluted to water. Example: 2ml thieves oil to 98ml of water. Shake each time you use it. Spray on doorknobs, countertops and other surfaces that need cleaning, then wipe dry.

You can also use thieves oil as mouth wash. A lot of people are claiming it helps soothe a sore throat, but again, please exercise caution because you have to dilute this oil. Please also observe for any possible allergy.

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Please use thieves oil with caution if you have babies or toddlers. This oil is very strong that's why you have to dilute it. 
Essential oils can be harmful to pets. Please exercise caution if you have pets at home. Never diffuse thieves oil in a room where your pet is. 
Consuming thieves oil, is not recommended but is done by some. They claim it boosts the immune system and helps recover fast from flu. If you opt to do this, there are ready-made thieves oil like Doterra On Guard  that claims their oils are safe to be ingested.
Please exercise caution as eucalyptus oil can be toxic especially in concentrated amounts, so check the quality of whatever brand of essential oil you plan to use. 

Can thieves oil protect and boost your immune system? 


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