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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Looking For Dream Home? Here Are 10 Wonderful Examples!

When we talk about houses, we all want to have a beautiful one. This is the reason why many of us are working hard to achieve that dream home. Our dream home may vary in size and style — since every house has its character! Oftentimes it is based on our personality. So if you are looking for a dream home for inspiration, we are showing you 10 wonderful examples in this post!


House Design No. 1

A small orange house composed of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. A house with a simple design and structure. In spite of its basic features, this house is perfect for small families who want to live a simple life. The orange color combination on the outside surely makes this house stand out in the neighborhood.


House Design No. 2

A simple one-story house with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The budget is a primary concern in every home construction. So if you don't want to paint and repaint after a few years, why don't you consider this idea of having tile walls? Tiling your walls will last for decades or even a lifetime! So if you are a budget-conscious, this idea if perfect for you!

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House Design No. 3

A spacious house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Most of us are easy going and it would be a good idea to have a place to relax at home. This house has a relaxing terrace as an excellent spot to unwind after a long day or even on a lazy weekend. This gray tone house has a total living area of 199 square meters and the estimated budget is $43,000.

House Design No. 4

Unpainted but still beautiful box house! This modern style house has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. If you like to entertain visitors, the spacious terrace of this house will be perfect for you! We are sure that your guests will feel welcomed when they are in your home. 

House Design No. 5

A contemporary gray house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This one-story house is ideal for couples with children even for seniors or people with mobility issues. The small terrace in front is another place to enjoy the outdoor environment. The budget construction for this house is $45,000.

House Design No. 6

A one-story house painted with light and vibrant colors on the outside. A contemporary house composed of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is something truly charming about this home that is compact and cleverly designed! The terrace is relaxing and ideal for homeowners' morning or afternoon pass time!

House Design No. 7

A lovely gray house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This house has a total area of 114 square meters, spacious enough for small families. A house hailed for its simplicity of design, clean and clear forms, and minimal color palette. This house is comfortable and perfect for any family. Surely this house design will leave you with plenty of ideas for your dream home.

House Design No. 8

A u-shaped house with cream color on the outside. This house has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room, and kitchen! The choice of paint color on the outside of this house looks attractive. The charming front yard accentuates the beauty of the facade even further.

House Design No. 9

Another contemporary house composed of three bedrooms and one bathroom. A 96 square meter house with an estimated construction budget of $30,000. Its huge sliding glass and windows allow a panoramic view of the surrounding beauty. This house is also built with a spacious terrace which adds an extra dimension to its facade design.

House Design No. 10

A house with simple and traditional design made remarkably by its beautiful exterior paints of white and green. It gets a glamorous makeover in the presence of these stylishly designed walls. The porch complements the overall structure that makes this house so lovely. This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms while the construction budget is $29,000.

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