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Thursday, October 24, 2019

How to Apply ONLINE: Scholarship Programs of TESDA

Related imageOnline Application System for TESDA Scholarship Programs

(The application process should take around 5-10 minutes)

Start New Application

1.1. Fill up the form.
1.2. Click CREATE Button.
1.3. Receive your Learner's ID.
(Note:One time registration only. If you are already registered please proceed to Step 2)

Select TESDA Scholarship Program

2.1. Select Course
2.2. Enter your Lastname and Learner's ID
2.3. Verify your Profile
2.4. Application complete

Feedback from TESDA Office

3.1. Check your email for the feedback of TESDA Office

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Training for Work Scholarship Programs (TWSP) –This program provides immediate interventions to meet the need for highly critical skills. The program has two-fold objectives:1) to purposively drive TVET provision to available jobs through incentives and appropriate training programs that are directly connected to existing jobs for immediate employment, both locally and overseas. 
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Training for Work Scholarship Programs

  1. Must be at least 18 years old at the time the scholar finishes the training;
  2. Educational attainment shall be based on industry requirements or as prescribed in the relevant Training Regulations;
  3. Can either be out-of-school youths, TVET trainers or industry workers obtaining skills upgrading training programs;
  4. Priority shall be given to those without prior formal or vocational trainings as well as those coming from regions or provinces where the absolute number of poor residents and the incidence of poverty are high, as identified in the latest official poverty statistics of the PSA-NSCB; and
  5. Other clientele groups such as persons with disability (PWDs), indigenous people, solo parents and their children, senior citizens shall be afforded access to scholarships opportunities in the qualifications/courses where they can qualify. OFW returnees, members of the families of AFP and PNP personnel killed in military and police operations and other marginalized groups may also avail of the scholarship program subject to pre-qualification.
  6. Must not be currently a beneficiary of other government educational scholarship and subsidy program.

Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)- This program was established through Section 8 of Republic Act No. 8545, otherwise known as the Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) Act. PESFA offers educational grants to qualified and deserving college freshmen both in degree and non-degree course. 


Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)

  1. Must have completed at least 10 years of basic education;
  2. At least 15 years old;
  3. Have taken the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) or have undergone the Youth Profiling for Starring Careers (YP4SC);
  4. Have an annual family income of not more than Php300,000.00;
  5. Must not be a recipient of any post-grade 10 scholarship program; and
  6. Must not have attended any post-secondary/ college education program.
Special Training for Employment Program (STEP)- The objective of this program is to provide skills training opportunities for the beneficiaries in the barangay communities to make them employable and productive.


Special Training for Employment Program (STEP)

  1. At least fifteen (15) years old at the start of the training program; and
  2. Filipino citizen.
  3. Preference shall be given to beneficiaries belonging to indigent families under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction and Informal Sector families and second to those under the next lower poverty level as determined by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).


The program was established through Republic Act No. 10931 providing for free tuition and other school fees in State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) and state-run Technical Vocational Institutions (STVIs), establishing the Tertiary Education Subsidy and Student Loan Program (SLP), strengthening the Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UniFAST), and appropriating funds therefor. It is hereby declared that quality education is an inalienable right of all Filipinos and it is the policy of the State to protect and promote the rights of all students to quality education at all levels. Read more


Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act

  1. Any STVI, with TESDA-Registered TVET Program, qualifies as training provider.
  2. Quality-assured TVET programs which are the TESDA-registered TVET programs listed/indicated in the TESDA Compendium as of July 2017 and have remained to be in the said Compendium until the completion of the program. TVET programs registered beyond July 2017 and remained to be in the TESDA Compendium until June 2018 shall be covered for the Free TVET Provision in the ensuing fiscal year.
  3. All Filipino learners who are currently enrolled at the time of the effectivity of the Act, or shall enroll at any time thereafter provided, that they comply with the admission and retention policies and existing residency rules of the STVIs;
  4. Priority shall be given to deserving learner who come from:
    • 4.1. The most recently updated Listahanan (National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction)
    • 4.2. Poorest of the poor
    • 4.3. Orphans
    • 4.4. Dependents of informal settlers
    • 4.5. Rebel returnees/Former rebels
    • 4.6. Rehabilitated drug dependents and their families
    • 4.7. Indigenous Peoples
    • 4.8. Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
    • 4.9. People in the construction industry as a priority sector (e.g. Construction workers)
    • 4.10. Internally displaced population
    • 4.11. Dependents of AFP/PNP Personnel Killed-In-Action (KIA) or Wounded-In-Action (WIA)
    • 4.12. Returning OFWs and their dependents


We Filipinos are known to be a versatile worker in different kinds of work in various countries around the world.  The Philippines is not just producers of professional jobs abroad but also produces blue-collar jobs that received a good pay abroad.
Top 10 TESDA Vocational Courses and In-demand TESDA Courses Abroad

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Things To Remember When Enrolling in TESDA Courses

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TESDA has been a great help for people who did not had the opportunity to obtain bachelors degree or finished their studies. With TESDA, you can have certification after your desired skills training and you can use it right away to start your career in business or employment. There various skills training available but these TESDA courses has high probability in improving your life and career.   Computer Systems Servicing We are surrounded by computers and in fact, every household has it. When it fails, only a handful has knowledge on how to troubleshoot computer problems. Learning this skill could give you a promising income. You don't even need much resources to jumpstart. You can use your TESDA certificate in offering your services.  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Service This is one of the most sought courses because it promises rewarding income here and abroad. Air conditioning units requires regular maintenance and having TESDA HVAC certificate could find you a job with very handsome income.  Microsoft Online Courses  This course offered by TESDA has been opening great opportunities to people who are computer savvy. Here you will learn how to create a website or create your own game apps. A very good income potential is on your way after completing the course.  Food and Beverage Servicing  TESDA certificate could be a game changer for you since many establishments here and abroad favored those who are certified by TESDA. Completing a Food and Beverage training could pave your way for a better income opportunities here and abroad.  Massage Therapy  After a tiring day, everyone needs a relaxing massage and they are willing to pay for the skillful hands that could render it to them. Completing and passing TESDA training for Massage Therapy could make you a professional massage therapist and it means higher income as well.  Cellphone Servicing  And who does not have a cellular phone nowadays? Yes , mobile phone users are rising. Just like computers and any gadgets, mobile phones could wear off over time. Having the skills to put them back to life again is a promising income generating opportunity especially if you had completed a course at TESDA in Cellphone Servicing .    TESDA offers courses that can be very useful for you and there will be unlimited possibilities ahead of you. Just choose the one which you believe you can excel. Just arm your passion with determination and you can achieve anything. To check if your desired course is provided by TESDA, click here and type your course or training program.  Read More:     China's plans to hire Filipino household workers to their five major cities including Beijing and Shanghai, was reported at a local newspaper Philippine Star. it could be a big break for the household workers who are trying their luck in finding greener pastures by working overseas  China is offering up to P100,000  a month, or about HK$15,000. The existing minimum allowable wage for a foreign domestic helper in Hong Kong is  around HK$4,310 per month.  Dominador Say, undersecretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), said that talks are underway with Chinese embassy officials on this possibility. China’s five major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen will soon be the haven for Filipino domestic workers who are seeking higher income.  DOLE is expected to have further negotiations on the launch date with a delegation from China in September.   according to Usec Say, Chinese employers favor Filipino domestic workers for their English proficiency, which allows them to teach their employers’ children.    Chinese embassy officials also mentioned that improving ties with the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte has paved the way for the new policy to materialize.  There is presently a strict work visa system for foreign workers who want to enter mainland China. But according Usec. Say, China is serious about the proposal.   Philippine Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello said an estimated 200,000 Filipino domestic helpers are  presently working illegally in China. With a great demand for skilled domestic workers, Filipino OFWs would have an option to apply using legal processes on their desired higher salary for their sector. Source:, PhilStar Read More:  The effectivity of the Nationwide Smoking Ban or  E.O. 26 (Providing for the Establishment of Smoke-free Environment in Public and Enclosed Places) started today, July 23, but only a few seems to be aware of it.  President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Executive Order 26 with the citizens health in mind. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the executive order is a milestone where the government prioritize public health protection.    The smoking ban includes smoking in places such as  schools, universities and colleges, playgrounds, restaurants and food preparation areas, basketball courts, stairwells, health centers, clinics, public and private hospitals, hotels, malls, elevators, taxis, buses, public utility jeepneys, ships, tricycles, trains, airplanes, and  gas stations which are prone to combustion. The Department of Health  urges all the establishments to post "no smoking" signs in compliance with the new executive order. They also appeal to the public to report any violation against the nationwide ban on smoking in public places.   Read More:          ©2017 THOUGHTSKOTO SEARCH JBSOLIS, TYPE KEYWORDS and TITLE OF ARTICLE at the box below Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas to be provided by the owner of the establishment. Smoking in private vehicles parked in public areas is also prohibited. What Do You Need To know About The Nationwide Smoking Ban Violators will be fined P500 to P10,000, depending on their number of offenses, while owners of establishments caught violating the EO will face a fine of P5,000 or imprisonment of not more than 30 days. The Department of Health  urges all the establishments to post "no smoking" signs in compliance with the new executive order. They also appeal to the public to report any violation against the nationwide ban on smoking in public places.          ©2017 THOUGHTSKOTO  Dominador Say, undersecretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), said that talks are underway with Chinese embassy officials on this possibility. China’s five major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen will soon be the destinfor Filipino domestic workers who are seeking higher income. ©2017 THOUGHTSKOTO SEARCH JBSOLIS, TYPE KEYWORDS and TITLE OF ARTICLE at the box below

TESDA Courses That Gives Rewarding Income