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Thursday, June 20, 2019

3 Modern Boxy House With Classy Design | Floor Plan Included

Boxy houses or a house design inspired by the shape of the box is so in nowadays! It is one of the modern design that many people are considering to be their dream home! Simple in structure, easy to build and considered to be a family-friendly home because many box houses are single-story houses!

If you are looking for a house design that is not so traditional, here are three house design to consider!


House Design No. 1

This house is a single-story residential home designed to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms perfect for a family with four to five members. It has a small kitchen and a spacious living area connected to the terrace.

You need an area of 151 square meters to have this house and a budget of more or less P2.5 million!


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House Design No. 2

This one can be considered as a small house with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has a spacious hall and a kitchen. The total floor area of this house is 125 square meters including the terrace. The terrace of this house is so perfect for those who want to enjoy the morning sun or afternoon snacks or for simply pass times.

The construction budget of this house is in between P1.8 million pesos to P2.3 million pesos! But take note that this only budget estimates and budget will be determined by the labor and construction cost in your area.

House Design No. 3

With a total area of 179 square meters including its terrace, this house can be considered spacious! The master bedroom of this house is so spacious as well as the living area. The kitchen is connected in the outside deck that will serve well as a dining area. 

This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with an estimated budget between P2.5 million to 3 million pesos depending on the finishes you want for your home!

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