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Monday, June 03, 2019

10 Single-Story House Plans and The Advantage of Single Story House

Torn between constructing a single story or two stories home? Today we will talk about 10 advantages of having a one-story house with these 10 beautiful designs.


1. Cheaper to build!

Fewer materials are used when building a single story home compared to one with additional floors. Labor costs and professional fees are also cheaper when building a single story home.

Just like this house plan with a simple structure. With a floor area of 79 sqm, you can build this house easily and economically! Seemingly small and modest with three bedrooms perfect for small families.


2. Easier to Maintain

Maintaining a one-story house like this is easy in spite of its glass doors and windows. You can easily access your home's entire exterior with a small ladder for painting and re-painting, decorating, and ceiling and window cleaning. You can't do these things in a two-story or multi-stories house unless you hire a professional to do the work!

So enjoy a single-story home like this one! This house is 73 sqm with two-bedrooms!

3. Easy to Expand!

If you plan on expanding your home later on, the best decision is to build a single-story house! If you have adequate space just like this house, it is cheaper to expand at ground level than adding an additional floor! This spacious and beautiful house plan has a floor area of 99 sqm with three-bedrooms with a shared toilet and bath!

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4. Perfect for Every Stage of Life

One-story houses are considered family-friendly homes! Everyone from young children to grandparents can benefit from living in a single story house. Since one-story house plans don’t have staircases, they are perfect for first-time homeowners with small children and people with mobility issues!

Just like this house that is perfect both for young and old dwellers. It has a floor area of 97 sqm designed with three bedrooms and a shared toilet and bath!

5. Open Floor Plans

Since bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen are on one floor. All of your need is accessible in just one place. No need of going up and down! The concept of the open floor plan creates a central gathering space for the home, which encourages family socialization and is great for entertaining.

Think of having an open floor plan with this beautiful house design! This house has a total floor area of 100 sqm with three bedrooms and two bathrooms!

6. Blend the Indoors with the Outdoors

If you have a large enough lot you can easily add a deck, sunroom or patio to your one-story house plan. This gives you a convenient connection to the outdoors that you will enjoy in the warmer months. Just like this house!

7. Flexible Design Options

One-story house plans offer more design flexibility including features such as vaulted ceilings, dramatic windows, and the use of skylights. All of these elements result in a home with a spacious feel. Just like this house! It has two bedrooms with a total floor area of 78 sqm.

8. Increased Energy Efficiency

A one-story house plan is easier to heat and cool. This is because of the open floor plan. The lack of walls between rooms allows air to flow naturally through the design. If you are looking for a small house plan that is affordable and energy-efficient, consider this one-story home with a modern layout that can give you anything you want for a price that will leave you smiling! 

This house is a 68 sqm home with two bedrooms perfect for a family with four members!

9. Easy to move in and move out!

If you have a house like this one, moving in and out is easy. It is easy to just place furniture, appliances, and décor in their designated room when they carried inside without having to worry about how you are going to get them up to the stairs.

In case of emergencies such as fires or earthquakes, evacuation is easy to do because you are already on the ground floor! In a single story home like this one, you can easily out of the main door or jump through the window.

This house has three bedrooms with a floor area of 103 sqm! 

10. You can secure your home more easily.

If everything is on one level, just like this home it is easier to check all your doors and window locks in an instant! More than that, nobody will be able to sneak in while you're upstairs!

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