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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Top 10 Items Found in Balikbayan Boxes

Philippine Daily Inquirer made a survey in December 2014 regarding the usual items Filipinos get through balikbayan boxes. Here are the top 10 items, with approximate budget that an average OFW spend for such items.

1.    chocolates and candies(Php 2,000)

2.    clothes,(Php 3,000)

3.    shoes (Php 3,000)

4.    food and canned goods (Php 3,000)

5.    toiletries (Php 2,000) - 
May include shampoo, soap, toothpaste, lotion, facial creams and moisturizers
6.    bags (Php 5,000) 
7.    toys (Php 2,000)
8.    watches (Php 10,000) 

9.    appliances (Php 3,000) - 
Usual appliances are blender, food processor, hair dryer, flat iron, component and speakers

10. gadgets (Php 30,000)- 
This amount is limited to 1 gadget which could either be cellphone, tablet, laptop, camera 

Based on our estimate, a box with this items has a value of  Php 61,000. Currently for a box to be tax free the value should not exceed Php 22,500 or $500.

But if you are receiving a box like Mike, would they tax the $10,000 cash as they open the box for inspection?