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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beware: FAKE DRUGS Almost Killed A Girl With Pneumonia

We often read news online about fake bags and other luxury items, many of us who cannot afford to have the original ones would buy the fake or replica. Even when many are asking us not to patronize the fake products,  we know it is illegal, yet the industry of fake goods still makes a lot of money from us. 

Then, we heard news about fake rice, eggs, meat and other fake foods that mostly originate from China. This time, we realized it is getting bad. It is not as fun as the replica items that looks just like that beautiful and stunning Prada bag which you were able to get for a relatively low price. You hope no one would notice it is a replica bag, but this time you wish you would know if the food items you are buying is fake. You become aware of how consuming these fake foods made from chemicals could be detrimental to your health and  your family.

Right now we are facing a worse problem with counterfeit drugs. You're sick and are hoping to get better, only to find out that the medications you are taking is poisoning your body. This is what happened to Shazill Maqsood's daughter

After contacting pneumonia, a medication has been prescribed to his daughter which he bought from the local market in Pakistan.

 But instead of getting better, it seemed that his daughter got worse. So he solicited the opinion of another doctor who told him that her medications were poisoning her. 

In 2012, a single incident caused 120 people to die after taking counterfeit heart medicine. This is not only happening to Pakistan. According to World Health Organization, about 1 million people die every year from ingesting counterfeit medicines. 

"John Clark, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), says analysis of fake drugs seized in the U.S. has shown traces of pesticides, rat poison, brick dust and paint, among other ingredients."

With this deadly counterfeit drugs being sold around, no one really has a way of knowing whether the one you are buying is fake or no.