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Monday, August 17, 2015

This is What Your P1.2M House Can Look Like in the Philippines

This was posted originally last 2015, and the finished house with walls and fences can be found below with photos submitted by Jeff himself for an update.

This is an inspiring story about an OFW, Jeff,  who first worked in UAE, and currently in Saudi Arabia. His story as an OFW started with hopes of achieving his simple dream. That is to build a house for his parents, especially his mom, Sabia. He wanted her to have a house that she can call her own, and live there like a queen that she was in his eyes. Jeff scrimped and saved money for almost 5 years. There were times that he has to forgo his yearly vacation in order to save money and achieve this dream for his beloved mother. 
Soon after acquiring an ample amount of money he finally started the construction of this:
On May 2015, the construction of his dream house started. He contracted builders for P160K (labor cost) to build an 80 square meter house.
He bought and chose the materials and fixtures needed for its construction to ensure quality.

The  Colour Roof Company contracted and installed the roofing.
It has 3 bedrooms with its own bathroom each and 1 common CR.

The above photo is a finished house with fences. The photo below is the windows with grills.
 Sadly few months before the construction was finished his mother passed away due to a heart attack.
But the achievement of this dream house will always be dedicated to his Mom - Sabia. 
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Today, 2017 Jeff sent the following photo updates of his house. He said that he spent P1.2M all in all including the fences but not the pieces of furniture and everything inside the house. Check the photos below.


IN PHOTOS: OFW Built His P500K Dream House, A Small and Yet Beautiful House

See more photos below of Jeff's house taken during construction period
Posted with permission from Jeff, whom we greatly admire for his perseverance and dedication

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This article is filed under: small cottage designs, small home design, small house design plans, small house architecture, beautiful small house design
This article is filed under: Small Cottage Designs, Small Home Design, Small House Design Plans, Small House Design Inside, Small House Architecture