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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Most Unprofessional Video Ads Against Call Center Capital Philippines?


AEGIS ONLINE is said to be a Indian based call center or (BPO) Business Process Outsourcing company. We also read that the Aegis Online has taken this ads online. 

One person ask why Aegis Online have to say these things, that Malaysia is a better option of moving to, against the Philippines. 

Another commenter said that badmouthing the Philippines and the Filipino, in general is their way of sourgraping because they failed after acquiring some of the big company name in the Philippines or maybe because Philippines beats India in Call Center Rating.

We have many friends working in Malaysia, and this is nothing about a country, but about a certain company who produce this ad at the expense of degrading one country and its people, and highlighting the other.

Another comment: "Although some of the points they raised were true like the climate in the Philippines, but the mention of the Philippines being in the Pacific Ring of Fire is totally stupid!"
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Another comment express this: "wow, this is so absurd. There maybe things that are true, and factual, but do we really have to pull down something we are in competition with in order to bring ourselves up? tsk tsk."
See the video below



Anonymous said...

This Advertisement is very unethical...very unprofessional, inbusinesslike....

Anonymous said...

this is an example of a BRAINLESS advertisement.

I agree with Mr. Malcom..if you want to leave our country, the Philippines..just leave.

Mentioning Malaysia as your chosen country to invest..good luck to you AEGIS!

FYI I am married to Chinese Malaysian.

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