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Thursday, September 18, 2014

In Demand Skills and Positions For Working Abroad

In-Demand Skills for Landbased Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) were identified in 23 countries with a total of 227 in-demand skills. Countries are; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, United States of America, Algeria, Sudan, Libya, South Africa, Hongkong, Cyprus, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia and Angola. 
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The list of in-demand skills/occupations was presented in a matrix using the International Standard Classification of Occupations (iSCO) 1968 vis-à-vis the country where such skills are in-demand.
Countries with in demand skills are highest are Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. Top ranking in-demand skills/occupations are; Civil Engineer, Skilled Welders, Mechanical Engineers, Electrician, Skilled Carpenter, Mason, Instrument Pipe Fitter, Waiter/Waitress, HVAC Supervisor, Electrical Engineer, Plumber Steel Fixer, Nurse, Auto CAD Operator, Architect, Aluminum Fabricator Installer and Heavy Duty Driver/Operator.

Hard-To-Fill Positions for Landbased Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) were presented in a matrix and listed under 320 positions for 22 countries which include Angola, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Cyprus, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Oman, Palau, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and other Gulf States (GCC) The top ranking hard-to-fill positions totaled 41 skills/occupations  comprised of Professional, Technical and Highly Skilled Workers

Hard-To-fill positions vis-à-vis the qualification standards and competency requirements also shows the requirements of the agencies and the foreign principals/employers for the identified hard-to-fill positions. Following this matrix is a checklist of the reasons why there is a scarcity of qualified landbased workers related to work experience, supply, financial 
resources, training, education and testing program and other matters. The respondents also cited that they encountered problems with immigration laws, documentation, employers and other concerns. 

Reasons why positions/skills are hard-to-fill were also indicated with the following as the most common: 

a. Lack of applicants with at least two years experience or more in the area of expertise 
b. Most in-demand workers were already deployed 
c. Principal/employer requires a high standard of qualifications, terms and conditions 

In demand skills/occupations under the Government Hiring Program: The identified in-demand skills/occupations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Japan, Taiwan and Hongkong fall under the skills classification of Health and Engineering Professionals, Technicians, Highly Skilled Workers, Housekeepers and Factory Workers. 



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