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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why I Am Supporting the Man

I was an active blogger in the 2008 election in the US. I posted entries in favor of a Republican aspirant, Mitt Romney, a very wealthy person but is living a decent life, with his focus on economy, family and values. Mitt doesn't know me, we haven’t been introduced and I have never meet him. I am not a US Citizen or voter either, just an active blogger with my post carried to several other blogsites and political forums. I believe that America needs some change of course. I am not sure if Obama can deliver them, but like I said, America needs a decisive change in terms of moral and social decay, as well as the financial turmoil they are in right now.

If I am that active in the US elections then to which I am not a citizen, I thought, I should be more active in the Philippine election this May 2010. I am a registered overseas absentee voter. One vote may not make a difference, but one vote is sacred to the one casting it. I asked fellow OFW’s before to vote with us.

I hope many OFW’s now have renewed excitements and hope this 2010 election. I hope many will be a voter rather than be a spectator while our beloved country is languishing, and rotted by some (and they are many) corrupt politicians.

I understand that we have opposing opinions and views. We are seeing the same country abused by the very leaders we voted before. We see that our nation is in dire need of a true leader. One who will be brave enough to walk the lonely roads of principled centered leadership. One who will do the right thing even the rest of the media and the elite don’t agree. But we differ in the ways we see who can best lead this motherland into freedom, security and stability. We all have the right to choose, and to express who our candidate. We may disagree with who one will vote for, but we will continue to be a brother, a friend, and a kabayan. We may be voting different candidates, but we have one hope, one dream, and one vision for our beloved country. To rise up and be the country it should be, with people so talented, so vibrant, so industrious, and so hopeful.

I am going to list down below my reasons why I am voting for Manny Villar as president. I have never met him. We were never introduced, and probably, he doesn’t even know me, even by name.

Below is my article posted in

Manny, money and the many lies

April 22, 2010

By Jebee Kenji Solis

An OFW lane at the NAIA. Photo grabbed from Its Possible at

“The Philippines is a great country, and great heritage and great people, it should need a great leader as well,” said by my foreigner friend across the table while we are having potluck party one time.

We all agree that we are in dire need of a true leader – one who is brave enough to walk the lonely roads of principle-centered leadership; one who will do the right thing even the rest of the media and the elite don’t agree. What we differ from is who we perceive can best lead us and our country into liberty, security and stability. Freedom from poverty, peace and security, that eventually leads to economic stability.

For this election, I’m voting for pro-OFW Manny Villar.

Here are my reasons why:

1. He is the only presidential candidate I know who continuously helps OFWs who are in dire needs (and we are a-plenty!). At one time, more than 80 Filipino Overseas contract workers have returned home through his effort. He even gave houses to OFW’s for free. There might be motive behind his actions, but to help in one way or another, especially if others are in distress is still considered kindness. You can disagree to that.

2. Why other candidates are not thrown with muddy attacks? Kapag hitik daw at mabunga ang manga, pinupukol. Some people asked why Manny Villar have many issues to confront, well, maybe because he has done so much and others doesn’t like it. And why others are perceived to be saintly? Perhaps because they didn’t take any risks at all. Perhaps because they have done nothing substantial.

It’s like a guy who play videos in his room all the day and to another guy who walk down the streets and helped an old woman cross the road, and indeed up scorned, cursed and spit out along the way for causing a halt to an already slow moving traffic. But the guy knows it is the right thing to do. It is by risking that we learn our lessons, gain experiences, succeed and feel better about ourselves.

3. Because he is a billionaire and spends way above others, people assume he will recoup his expenses when he wins. So what about Manny Pacquiao? Do you think he too along with his billions will steal from government’s money? Manny Pacquiao said he is hurt by those accusations.
How much is Villar worth? $530 Million? P24 Billion? They said you will need a billion pesos to run as Philippine president. It is really that expensive to run for president in a country? Manny Villar said from a report of PCIJ.

That depends, because if you’re an artista or you have a sibling who is one, or you’re supported by a studio or a TV station, you won’t really be able to say how much you need,” said Villar. “Now if you’re not an artista, you’re just one of the poor and no one recognizes your family name, maybe you would need to spend more to make yourself known. But what’s important is that you don’t violate any laws.

4. He comes on his own name. He didn’t ride along with any names associated with him. A shrimp vendor, sand and gravel businessman, and later a housing magnate, all by himself.

5. I believe he is the most prepared presidentiable of all, ready to lead the country having served as congressman, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and President of the Senate. For the last 18 years, he was serving the country. I don’t know if other presidentiables have the same experience like his. We need a president that can lead, and manage, and can create jobs and make our country competitive. I believe no one has the capability to do that except Manny Villar.

6. His values and management system, plus the way he treat his employees and staff is very important. He thought every one is a part of a team. No one should be left out. From the many testimonies, and the many people I know, he has values, and he live them, and his management style was so effective that people who work with him stays with him. He is one of those few who are excellent in both politics and business.

7. He is a family man, with kids who have manners, and the way I see it, he and Cong. Cynthia Villar, his wife, raise them well.

8. He knows defeat. Talking to his employees one time, Manny Villar says, “Kung sakaling manalo ako, most likely hindi ninyo ako makikita muna dito. Pero ok lang, kung matalo ako, mas madalas tayong magkikita-kita. Kung sakaling maaga pa pero malaki na talaga ang lamang, magcoconcede na agad ako. Tatanggapin ko agad ang pagkatalo ko.” What about his rival? Pag matalo daw sila, pupunta sila sa EDSA!

Remember that people can see the same thing but with a different perspective. This is how I see it. I hope we will see the same for our country too. There are just too much lies and negativity around him, all over the internet. People simply post or express anything without even the gut to verify or find out the truth. I have been carefully following stories and news for the last 6 months.

As the debate rages and as election abroad started, I have to make a stand. Others may not like it; I may offend some of my friends. But this is my personal stand, and I am not paid for doing this, I am not carried away by the stream of current, or swayed by the strong wind. I am voting for pro-OFW Manny Villar.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I respect your choice, Kenjie. And of course, we'll still be friends!

And I promise that kahit hindi si Villar ang ibinoto, I will support him if he wins.