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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gang Rape of Two Filipina in UAE, A Hoax?

I received a message from PEBA collegue, Pete from South Korea about this very gruesome, horrible and shockingly cruel video of purportedly a Filipina raped and slashed by two Middle Eastern man, a taxi driver and his friend. This is the actual message associated with the video.

"Please watch and let us HELP this Filipina, From a very reliable source, she was working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. this girl, together wid her filipina friend also was about to go home from a party. While on the taxi, the 2 felt asleep due to liquor. The driver called up his friends, he drove the car somewhere in the area and brutally raped the 2 girls. (gang rape)... "

I immediately asked KABLOGS and PEBA members from the UAE area, and with the same messages, they cannot confirm if this is true or not because of a news black-out but that there are emails circulating and confirming that this was really true.

Anyway, ABS-CBN and the Philippine Star also published a news story about this with the DFA saying this is untrue.

From the Philippine Star,

"MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine embassy in Abu Dhabi said yesterday the reported rape of two Filipinas behind a mall that was circulated via e-mail did not take place.

In a report submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Ambassador Grace Relucio Princesa said the embassy investigated the reported rape of the two Filipinas behind the Marina Mall after a video of an unidentified woman with severe slash wounds was circulated via e-mail, allegedly identifying her as one of the rape victims.

The embassy said an e-mail message from a certain “Edward Enoc” was circulated among the members of the Filipino community last Feb. 22. Enoc’s e-mail alleged that one Filipina died while the other escaped and sought medical assistant from the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) hospital. She died a few days later.

The embassy dispatched an assistance-to-nationals (ATN) team to visit the SKMC, other hospitals, and the city morgue, which all said no such victims were brought in.

The ATN team then proceeded to the Shabeya and Mina police stations in Abu Dhabi to determine if there was any reported rape of two Filipinas but no such police incident report was recorded."

Also the National Newspaper of Abu Dhabi, UAE published a statement from the Philippine Embassy.

Anyway, with so much disinformation online, it is better to verify anything first, and to confirm. Let us also be responsible in spreading news and videos. Kagaya sa politics sa Pilipinas ngayon, ang daming misinformation, ang daming liar, sinungaling, bakak, tikalon, butigon, harami. Ang daming lengguwe. hehe

Be careful at ingat mga kabayan!