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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gang Rape of Two Filipina in UAE, A Hoax?

I received a message from PEBA collegue, Pete from South Korea about this very gruesome, horrible and shockingly cruel video of purportedly a Filipina raped and slashed by two Middle Eastern man, a taxi driver and his friend. This is the actual message associated with the video.

"Please watch and let us HELP this Filipina, From a very reliable source, she was working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. this girl, together wid her filipina friend also was about to go home from a party. While on the taxi, the 2 felt asleep due to liquor. The driver called up his friends, he drove the car somewhere in the area and brutally raped the 2 girls. (gang rape)... "

I immediately asked KABLOGS and PEBA members from the UAE area, and with the same messages, they cannot confirm if this is true or not because of a news black-out but that there are emails circulating and confirming that this was really true.

Anyway, ABS-CBN and the Philippine Star also published a news story about this with the DFA saying this is untrue.

From the Philippine Star,

"MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine embassy in Abu Dhabi said yesterday the reported rape of two Filipinas behind a mall that was circulated via e-mail did not take place.

In a report submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Ambassador Grace Relucio Princesa said the embassy investigated the reported rape of the two Filipinas behind the Marina Mall after a video of an unidentified woman with severe slash wounds was circulated via e-mail, allegedly identifying her as one of the rape victims.

The embassy said an e-mail message from a certain “Edward Enoc” was circulated among the members of the Filipino community last Feb. 22. Enoc’s e-mail alleged that one Filipina died while the other escaped and sought medical assistant from the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) hospital. She died a few days later.

The embassy dispatched an assistance-to-nationals (ATN) team to visit the SKMC, other hospitals, and the city morgue, which all said no such victims were brought in.

The ATN team then proceeded to the Shabeya and Mina police stations in Abu Dhabi to determine if there was any reported rape of two Filipinas but no such police incident report was recorded."

Also the National Newspaper of Abu Dhabi, UAE published a statement from the Philippine Embassy.

Anyway, with so much disinformation online, it is better to verify anything first, and to confirm. Let us also be responsible in spreading news and videos. Kagaya sa politics sa Pilipinas ngayon, ang daming misinformation, ang daming liar, sinungaling, bakak, tikalon, butigon, harami. Ang daming lengguwe. hehe

Be careful at ingat mga kabayan!



Bev said...

The videos are all over FB but I did not dare open one, takot agad e =)

By the way Filipino communities unite here in the UAE for real big issues, I'd rather believe the video is a hoax since no mobilisation has taken place starting from the friends/ relatives of alleged victims to cry justice.

Ang tingin ko lang na talagang dapat mag-ingat ang mga news ay yung involved ang mga leaders ng bansa, dahil konting kamalian sa pagbabalita at hindi pagpuri sa kanila ay tinutuligsa na. Isa ring sensitive na issue ay yung involved ang negative publicities tungkol ekonomiya.

Kuro-kuro lang po =)

jon d mango said...

mga taong walang magawa...basurang itinapon nio babalik rin sa inyo.

Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern, i am pilipina that who believe the news was true, i have been in kuwait for visit and i spoke to some pilipina who was almost rape there by kuwaity, furthere more i do believe that the philippine embassy over in middle east are not realy looking after their own people, nor beleiving them when they come and ask for help instead they dont do anything to help them. so thats why those animals who beats and rape the pilipina women in middle east gets away with murder...

Ken said...

@ Gremliness,

Since you're there and you know the situation better, it is calming to know. And with regards to your opinion about the leaders of our nation, I so agree!

@ Jon, right, mga walang magawa sa buhay. nakakalungkot nga lang, what's with the mind of people doing such a horrible thing to a human being.

@ Anonymous

Let us be careful, and be responsible.

Anonymous said...

Lesson: don't believe in everything we receive on email.

Another lesson: sa media, negative news always sell.

Ditto Gremliness. I totally agree with your point.

Anonymous said...

justice nlng po sa mga ito dahil kawawa nman po sila @ cguro mas maging panatag ang loob ko if lilitaw yong may gawa sa video or ngpapasimuno nito

Anonymous said...

I have seen the video and read the emails circulating and i must say that only a technical expert to the matter can say the video is fabricated.

I've been here in the UAE for two years now and these are the things i can say:

1. Everyday, crime is happening
here in the UAE and yes --
we only see the tip of the
iceberg so to speak. Its not
all published in the news.
REPORTED! And to top it all,
how many unresolevd crimes
there is -- recently, the
strangeld Filipina body was
found not behind Albustan
center (correction on what was
published) she was found near
the gate of Villa 1 opposite
Albustan center! There is also
this 19 yr old maid from RAK
where it is being argued who
must shoulder the repat of her
remains yet, putting on the
side how to get the one
accountable for her death.
There are other cases and still
a lot more unreported am sure

2. This bring down to the issue of SECURITY CONSCIOUSNESS OF OFW and how we conduct ourselves when we are away from home.

Sad to say, our KABAYANS forget how to remain on the safe side and how to properly conduct themselves.

- going out on odd hours at odd places (being in the wrong place at the wrong time)
- for ladies -- not dressing to what the culture dictates(viewed in this culture as either inviting men's attention or soliciting sex which is crazy coz we knew we all loved to dress sexy and nicely always in the fashion!)

THIS BE AWARE! HAVING MORE THAN ONE BF can lead to your death! Sad to say, YES, many of our KABAYANS are into this affairs, mostly for financial reasons. Ilan na ba ang sinaksak, pinatay dahil sa pagtataksil (and it cuts across nationality. May pinoy din na pumatay ng GF na kapwa filipino din). SO MAG INGAT AT MAGING DISIPLINADO SA SARILI --- LALO NA AT MALAYO SA PAMILYA.

For the Phil GOvt. --
There are many issues and concerns affecting the Filipino OFW here and NO STRONG ENTITY(NOT EVEN THE GOVT REPS here) can do much about this. Look at how many filipina OFW (run away housemaids some with injuries) are haused at POLO and for how long they have been sitting there.

In my flights back and forth Phil, how many OFW / Filipinas i have spoken with who do not seem to know what they are getting into. Some did not even know the details of their cotract, how much salary they will have etc etc. Most are exiting Phil using visit visa so this must be regulasted.

Having said all these, isa lang ang prayer ko:

SANA AY WAG NATIN KALIMUTAN NA TAYO AY FILIPINO (na tayo ay mga Filipina -- na may pangangalaga sa ating sarili sa ating pamilya at kultura). Wag parang nakawala sa hawla pagdating dito sa UAE -- pumunta tau dito para sa trabaho so ito ang sinupin natin. HIndi inom party at barkada sa day off ang atupagin kundi pahinga, church at pakikipag communicate sa mga mahal natin sa pinas ang bigyan ng oras.

Marami rin naman matitino na kabayan dito. Pero mas visible ata (if not mas marami siguro) and mga hindi matiitino! Minsan ... sila ang dahilan kung bakit nalalagay sa alanganin ang iba kasi inakala ng ibang lahi na lahat ng Filipina ay gaya nila -- mahilig sa iba ibang BF/ mahilig sa pera etc etc. Hayyzzz buhay UAE!

Anonymous said...

Oh ayan mga Kabayan! DISIPLINArsa sarili ang kailangan. I totally agree.

Dito, wala tayo iba maasahan kundi mga sarili natin. Lets be responsible for our own security.

OFW News said...

very sad story- sana naman hindi totoo ang balitang ito. kawawa naman ang mga Pilipino sa ibang bansa. sana naman mas marami pang proteskson ang ibigay ng gobyerno sa kanila.