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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear Manager,

I have been too cute and to shy to inform you of my desire for the last 5 years.

You're a good manager. You know how to deal with your people.

But you don't know how to impress their wallet.

Well, forgive me of my blatant frankness (blatant na frankness pa!) but despite of the many millions you spend in the purchase of the many machines for the last three years, you haven't increase even 50 halalas (6 pesos) my salary.

Any Filipino in his decent mind know that he/she came here abroad to work for the betterment of the future, but if the last three years is nothing but increase in jobs, assignments, scopes of work, and position, duh, forget it. I would rather prefer to be a mere chemist in the lab receiving P90T a month rather than be a manager and managing a diverse group of people and receive only P60T.

Well, you can buy a cute Filipino's hand and back like mine, but no, sorry, you can't buy my heart and my mind.

I am leaving you with so many things, and my memory will be etched in every procedure future chemist will read and follow, the Quality System, HACCP, ISO, and almost all of the QA forms that chemist will fill. My memory will be remembered in the design of the water treatment, laboratory room, and microbiology room.

Nah, I rant too much here.

Bottomline, I am resigning.

Forget about the analogy that I was the one who planted, nourished and is taking care of the tree and when it is about to bear fruit, I'll leave. I know the fruit will be delicious and wonderful to the taste. But I don't know if I will be shared with that fruit. Worse, I don't know if I'll be given the chance to taste the fruit my labors.

So today with a heavy heart I am filing this irrevocable resignation. We have nothing to talk about. You got tired of talking and I got tired of listening to those sweet words and promises.

Also I wake up this morning

and found

this in our




2ngaw said...

Hehehe :D Bilhin mo na lang yang company mo pre, saka mo paalisin boss mo lolz

Sandali, alam ko naghahanap ka ng lilipatan eh...seryoso ba to? :D

Ken said...

*Lord CM,

natawa ako. niloloko mo ako eh. hehehe

Shhh, wag ka maingay. Bigyan kita ng share ng pera na yan if you want. Magdodonate din ako sa KABLOGS at PEBA, pati sa SMILE mo na program. hehehe

Salamat pre....

My Yellow Bells said...

at one moment I was about to write something for you pero ng makita ko ang kamal na pera na yan wit na! joke lng. serious ka ba?

Ken said...

Hi Yellow Bells, working it out between being serious and being funny.

The email by the way of that picture was originally sent to me by Ruel of Perfect Square, like 4 months ago. hehe. Thanks Ruel!

Noel Ablon said...

Pwede bang makopya ang resignation letter na ito. I feel that I can relate to this hehehe! Except the part na there is money sa garage hehe!


Bev said...

Naku, napaaga ako ng pagresign, kung alam ko lang sana, nakopya ko sana itong resignation letter mo =)

Life Moto said...

bro, akala ko makakawalay na tayo hehehe. btw pwede kahit 1/2 kilo lang sa akin dyan :)

Ken said...

* Noel, hehe. Thanks. Kopyahin at pagandahin mo pa Noel. hehehe. Hay we all relate in one way or another sa experiences natin dito sa Saudi. Thanks for dropping by.

* Gremliness, hehe. saan ka nagwowork? bakit ka nagresign? Anyway, bago kita nakita dito. Hope kasali ka na sa listahan ng Kablogs.

*Jess, hehe, mag EB tayo one time pag magaling na si Nebz, gala gala or lakad lakad sa daan.

JTG (Misalyn) said...

Wow! dami ng salapi...penge...balato nga dyan hehehehe.

Hmmm sounds and looks like na gusto mong magresign sa tarbaho. Seryoso ba yan?

Madami ka naman siguro mapapasukang iba kung talagang need mong magresign.

Pwedeng pakopya ng resignation letter mo? hahahahaha ibibigay ko sa Nurse Manager ko hehehe.

Noel Ablon said...

Dito ako sa Jeddah, nasa Saudi ka rin pala hehe. Link-exchange na rin tayo, di pa pala ikaw nakadagdag sa blogroll ko.

Di pa ako nagre-resign pero I am planning once makahanap ng malilipatan. Hirap umalis ng walang kapalit, ayokong mabulok sa Pinas na walang pera.

God bless and please inform me kung may EB.

Noel Ablon said...

Oo nga pala member na ako ng PEBA at KaBlogs.

Keith said...

Kenji, you fooled me there. I actually thought you were resigning already but I guess after reading your comments it was more of a joke (half meant kaya?).

By the way, can you link my personal blog ( in the Kablogs site. I pasted the link already before but my post do not seem to be appearing. Thanks so much for your help.

Francesca said...

Mind you, with that money, bilhin mo na buong Saudi and gawin mong Philippine territory!

Libre visa ha? No taxes also.

Bev said...

Came here po from kablogs. I didn't know "interactive blogging" before I received a comment that I'm in kablog's list.

Am Dubai-based, had worked for Orbit-Showtime until yesterday (naks nag-announce). same same reason ng resignations -- greener pasteurs =). btw, five years here and my fourth resignation =)

BlogusVox said...

LOL! Daming pera nyan, Kenjie! Kung ako siguro may ganyang pera, buti kung makatulog pa ako ng mahimbing. >: D