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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Reflection and Exhortation

With soberness, we join all in a worldwide reflection on the life and death and resurrection of Someone we all know. He is alive! With that knowledge, the Thoughtskoto family have light and comfort, assurance and certainty that things will be better.

We all look up to Him, for he was and still is the man of miracles – he cause the blind to see, the lame to walk, the sick to heal, even the dead to live.

A very long time ago, He said;

“I am the Bread of Life…”

Let us think about that, when opportunity seems to be scarce, and life becomes so difficult and hard…


“I am the Light of the World…”

Let us instill that in our minds wherever we are and whatever we do…when the light of goodness seems to be overpowered by the dark side within or surround us, let us find the beacon of light and tap it with in us drawing strength from the One True Source.


“Behold my hands…”

When the balance of life between good and evil falters, there is one sure and stable hand that we can hold on. He is always there ready with open arms and open hearts.


He died for us all that we might live with Him again. He has done His part - willingly. It is our turn to do our part, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Di naman dapat magpapako sa krus, pero be a little better and be a little kinder sa iba.  

It is not easy.

No one said it will be.

But one blink of pain and sorrow and adversity here in this earth will

be worth it if the

promise blessing

of    blissful joy   is

for all time, and for all eternity

 Have a meaningful and blessed season to all our friends!