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Monday, December 15, 2008

Deafening Silence

Have you experienced a moment in your life when you hear nothing, not even the honking of cars, or the humming of birds simply because it's so silent that its almost deafening?

We all have those moment of time when we are alone and we meditate or reflect about life and its purpose. I just have that experienced that past couple of days. 

I was sick.

My small muscles and lanky frames yielded up to the freezing winter that went as low as 9 degrees Celcius the days after the Hajj Eid holidays. I have running and swelling and redded nose, which remind me of Rudolph the red-nose reindeer. Mrs. Thoughtskoto joked that I have a big nose, which I quickly corrected, 'No honey, it's not big, I know that already, maybe you mean, enlarged nose!' 

I have a severe sorethroat, a headache and flu. 

But this things are normal. I usually get sick twice a year, when the winter is around and when the summer is coming. So there's nothing to worry.

Babytots also got some cold and runny nose, because even though how much I hide around the house to get no nearer to her so she won't get my colds, her cries of Papapa, and Dadadada, and our almost ritual playtime right before bedtime makes it impossible for me to not mingle with them. But the good thing about babies is that when they have cold, they just sneeze and sneeze and the cold's phlegm just come out from their nose. 

You just have to quickly wipe them or they will put out their tongue and taste it.


Anyways, I will be back to work today. Hope things will be back to normal. I feel okay. There is still a little cold, and coughing but this is going to be okay.

There are times in life when we are alone that we feel the silence to be deafening. Those are the times we can clearly feel the beating of our heart, or the pulse in our hands. Those are the moment in life where we can reflect what's matters most and what's imperative.

I have known people who are driven by their desire to earn lots and lots of money. I have meet several of them questing for treasure, jeopardizing their eternal destiny in exchange to the worldly wealth, fame and glory. I have known also many people, simple, and seemingly contented in their lives, with small dreams and modest means. I know what they wanted. Those who desire for richest and those who seemingly content have one old common goal.

HAPPINESS or the higher and nobler version of it, JOY.

But I believe, as I reflect and ponder about happiness the past few days. It's all a matter of choice. A matter of individual choice. You can be rich and choose to be happy. You can be simple and still be happy. Money, richest, fame, glory or depravity and the lack of material things doesn't mean happiness or doom. It's all depend on us.


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Anonymous said...

Hi thr, thanx a lot for this ratilce -- This is exactly what I was looikng for.