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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Bloggers Behind the Blog - Asia and the Pacific

Part two of a series, "The Bloggers Behind the Blog". A small description of the nominees blog and the wonderful men and women behind the 2008 TOP 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards.


Writing on Air, Australia

Perhaps the most famous of all the nominees is Jim Paredes and his blog over Pansitan, entitled Writing on Air. Jim of the famous APO band has been blogging since 2003. Writing on Air is Jim's musing and random thoughts, his life in the Philippines, after moving to Australia, and his thoughts about current issues in the Philippines and the Filipino's home and abroad.

Mumsified, Malaysia

Josiet is Filipina, stay-at-home expat mom. Her blog is about their lives as they moved from one place to another, and about her growing adorable son EJ. She said that "We have lived in Maldives for three years and we're currently nesting in KL, Malaysia." A graduate of BS HRA from University of the Philippines, she contented herself to stay home and doing mommy duty, I believe to be the noblest calling of all. She said: "There are a million things I'd rather be/have than where/what I am now. But one thing's for sure. I'd still rather be a mom to my adorable EJ, anytime =)"
And blogging.

Rey Ian is a native of Davao and teaches English to a Japanese South Junior High School in Saitama Japan. His personal blog "Four Seasons of Experiences in Japan" is about his life as a teacher in Japan, his favorite songs in Japanese translated in English, and his struggles in Japanese language. He started blogging since 2007 and on his way home for a vacation in the Philippines.

"SleeplessInKL is Mimi, a Filipina married to a Malaysian. She works full-time and is also mom to five children -- 3 kids below 12, plus identical twin toddler boys. She's a photography enthusiast, world traveller, and self-confessed gadget geek. To the neighbours, she's just the weird lady with the huge camera who takes pics of anything and everything. She has been living in Kuala Lumpur since 1993." Mimi's blog is about parenting, random thoughts, foods, photography and her wonderful and handsome twins.

Caryn P. Santillan and her gandarynako journal blog is based in Tokyo Japan, is an architecture graduate from University of Santo Thomas. She said she has a passion in architecture, art and food. She said her weakness is chocolates, cartoons, shopping, and sappy love stories, and likes to eat Chippy and pan de sal together.


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