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Monday, November 22, 2021

5 Simple and Single Story Houses That Will Inspire You!

If we can, we want a beautiful house based on our personal preference or style, or in other words, we want our dream home to be in reality. But there are instances that we cannot afford our dream home especially if it is a big and spacious one. So in this case, we tend to settle for other designs that are considered practical, economical, and ideal for our situation based on our budget.

So if you are looking for smaller and simpler homes, take a look at some prime examples of single-story designs that, although not very massive in size but still know how to flaunt some serious style.

House Design No. 1  — This design shows how simple a modern box house can be very attractive. The entrance of the home stands out from the rest of the design thanks to its elevation. The stone wall decor brings a rustic touch to the walls, ensuring this home looks like it is full of character.

This is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a living area of 89.5 square meters while the estimated construction budget is P1.3 million pesos or $26,000.


House Design No. 2 — Small, simple, and modern in style — if you like no-fuss homes then this is the design for you. This house might be petite, but it doesn't shy away from style. There's enough room for a family to grow and thrive, and that terrace is the perfect place for relaxation. 

This house is composed of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area, a living area, and a terrace. The living area is 107.5 square meters while the estimated construction budget for this one is $35,000.


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House Design No. 3 — This modern house in gray shades is perfect for a growing family. The 115 square meter house floor plan includes spacious interiors and there's a spacious area on the outside for your dream garden. This home is both cozy and spacious. A strong cement base increases the stability of the wooden structure and elevates the home a few feet off the ground. The design itself is simple, but has plenty of character—this is a home for all seasons.

This house is composed of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a terrace that is so livable and inviting. The estimated construction budget of this one is $36,000.

House Design No. 4 — This yellow house is highlighted by the glass windows and door. This also allows the interior to be visible, giving it a modern look.  Modern and stylish, this home is the dream home of many! The house looks spacious and secured as well. But, what we love the most about this home is the glass windows the entire facade, making the home's otherwise traditional style into something that is both chic and contemporary. 

This house is composed of three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and living a living room with a spacious balcony. The total living area of this house is 86.5 SQM while the estimated construction budget is $27,000.

House Design No. 5 —  This home has spacious areas, which makes it ideal for the family. It also features a traditional and classic style of a family home. The highlight of this house is its glass facade and spacious parking space. Its gray and blue color makes this house chic and stylish.

Our house number five is composed of three bedrooms, one bathroom, a spacious kitchen, a living room, and a balcony with a parking garage. The total living area is 140 SQM and the estimated construction budget is $39,000.


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