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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

10 Small and Modern House of Your Dream With Free Floor Plan

As a practical and future homeowner, we are looking for a small and comfortable home project that is not only low-cost but also has that classic and timeless design. Small homes become ideal for many families nowadays because it is expensive to build a house. Even a small house nowadays can cost you a million! So to give justice on your budget, you should not stop searching for a design that will suit your family's needs and of course your budget.

A house with two to three bedrooms is a practical choice for small families. Don't you worry about the designs or who will it look likes because there are many small house design nowadays that can compete with modern architecture! If you are looking for some, then you better look into this proposal from Sun Design. Check out the visualization of the project and of course the floor plan!


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 House Design No. 1 


 House Design No. 2

 House Design No. 3

 House Design No. 4

 House Design No. 5

 House Design No. 6

 House Design No. 7

 House Design No. 8

 House Design No. 9

 House Design No. 10