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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Facebook Option For Slow Internet And Low Data Charge

Do you still remember telegram, and the ways we communicate 20 years ago? Isn't it amazing how much technology has change our society right now? Communication becomes easier as we stay in touch with friends, relatives and families specially those who live far from us. We get to see and post pictures in Facebook easily.

Although living in this era still has some challenges site for example being able to connect in the internet that is fast and reliable. And in many countries, internet is also not that affordable.

But the new Facebook Lite has definitely addressed this issue.
Facebook Lite is an android application that can be downloaded easily, it is only 1 MB. It is fast to download and fast to install.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE
It is also quick to load and very efficient with data usage. The usual Facebook application most of us have, usually takes around 400MB of data but with the Lite version it takes 3MB to 5MB of data usage only.  It uses low resolution photos as you scroll through your feed therefore minimizing the data usage. If you are using 2G network internet connection is poor, or slow, you can still have a good and reliable experience with this app because of its low data usage which makes it quick to load pictures that are on your feed.

With its data usage, this app is very compatible for mobile devices that have low RAM too.
The downside, the profile picture of your friends doesn't really show. So if someone in your friends list is using pseudo name, or any ambiguous name that is not the real one, be familiar with it, before you start using Facebook lite.

But overall,  the Facebook Lite is still a good option if I'm paying for data usage, and if the internet connection is slow.