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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The PEBA Awards Day Live in Solises Home

Today, I woke up and found two kids beside me, it was almost 5:00 in the morning and I heard the prayer call. I checked our living room and found someone there who didn't sleep, and is exactly on the same place where we left him last night. My nagging personality surfaced, because I know he didn't sleep for a single minute as he and all the volunteers abroad and in Philippines tried to coordinate online to finish other things for the PEBA Awards today. I even said he should stop doing it, he's been up late almost every day for the past days, weeks, month maybe or entire year, either looking for volunteer, sponsor, coordinating with them. I lost track already what is going on, although he often speaks of it to me when I ask him to just keep talking to me or tell me what happened to his day. 

Kenji Welcome Speech at the 2012 PEBA Awards shown at the Ramon Magsaysay Hall, SSS Center, East Avenue Quezon City

The kids are actually having cold and cough, and both kids are restless during the night specially if their beloved father who pampers them every minute is not in bed to rub their back as they sleep. But last night I had them both locked inside the room, as requested by the father so he could finish what he is doing online and he will follow us in the room. Anyway, I'm sure he did not follow us in the room because he cannot make excuse when I found him this morning. 

Anyway, I nagged at him and told him he should not go to work, and should sleep because it could be very dangerous for him to drive if he is sleepy. Of course he could tell that I'm mad, so he went to sleep at around 5:30 in the morning- he is so early in bed! Got up at around 9:00 (I'm actually doubting if he really slept because I saw him doing something in his phone hidden under his pillow)and snuggled the two kids who still have cough and cold.

He prepared for work, and went back to work on his laptop.  You know what that is!

The little girl, in her desire to use the laptop did almost throw him out of our front door telling him to go to work, while the little boy cried and clung to his pants. 

So he gave me task to watch the streaming of PEBA and keep updated the PEBA page regarding the event. In my protest, he showed me this and that which I still didn't get, things that made my world of cleaning the mess, doing the laundry, preparing the meal, bathing and caring for the kids even more complicated TODAY. We'll I think I'm writing in this blog to whine and whine about PEBA and him. 

But I'm an obedient wife, so I tried to do the task given. As I watched the streaming, I heard some conversation on the background about the gift packs, what those bags contain, how to join the blog, and I'm starting to be really intrigued who's that woman talking to Pete and their conversation about PEBA's service programs and many more. Then I also watched the giving of awards, and of course the sayawit kids, and although I'm always interrupted by the kids because they need this and that and that the boy is messing with her or he is doing something "horrible", I didn't miss hearing the applause and cheers of those who won prizes. There are many who attended as representatives, and went home with major awards, some went home with raffle prizes, some who enjoyed the free refreshments while watching. But I know for sure, there are kids who are not there, they don't have resources to watch the program online or go there personally, but they sure are grateful for this event. There are those who may not have an idea that this organization exist but one there is one thing I'm sure of now. It touched my heart because this event brings hope for some kids so they could attend school, and others who may be needing help this coming year 2013. I almost cried because I know there isn't just one person who is willing to stay up late and face my nagging, but there are many volunteers who stays up late in their own time zone as they try to coordinate with other volunteers in bringing events like this into success. These volunteers receive no remuneration, some even use their own resources and they are always willing to give their time, and talent without asking for recognition. Through them PEBA got into its 5th year, there are happy kids who goes to school, there are some OFWs that were helped. 

I salute PEBA, and its volunteers and grateful to the sponsors and partners too.

By the way this is Mrs. Thoughtskoto posting while my boy sleeps on my other arm. lol

PEBA Profile Video prepared by a volunteer named Agcol d Imbisibol an OFW from Riyadh


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