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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stormed and Flooded, Still Here!

What year is it now? It's been like century if not forever that I haven't updated my blog, I have so many thoughts, but it seems to me that those thoughts can't find their way to blog post. Aside from the repost dito, repost doon, and copying my statuses from my Facebook, I haven't really have a real blog entry.

So awake, and arise and shine! Naks, parang scriptural terms or nakikipagdigmaan. Hehe
After PEBA 2010, there is just too much work to do, and so much things to attend to especially now that my lady is carrying our 2nd child and she is having a hard time with some pregnancy related extra curricular activities! Forgive my terms, I am so out of thoughts with regards to that. Haha

I will be back soon, with my powerful windows mobile phone, I can do blogging even I am at work. 

Someone said, "I guess you are happy in your life." I am? I asked with a smile. How do we define happiness? Really? Sabi ko nga sa Facebook status ko one time,

As I grow older (oh my, I have to admit it! :) I realized fame, learning, beauty or riches doesn't define success and happiness - it's in planning and prioritizing things.

I have had a lot of experiences lately, and some of them are not so easy to bear. The Thoughtskoto's been to a lot of challenges and trials and yet we are here surviving, trying our best to endure, because nothing is really over until we stop trying.

I remember we have this really old electric fan back home when I was a teenage boy. The fan was broken and was sewed by  copper wire. The cover bend and straightened. It was a typical small electric fan that was beaten, fall several times, and yet the amazing thing is that - it is still usable! it is still working!

Life is like that. Sometimes we are tried, tempted, beaten, wearied, and yet we endure, we persevere, we hold on because we believe that life is not just about surviving, it is enjoying. There will be times we maybe sad, we maybe down, we may be tempted, we fail,  but it doesn't mean we will give up. We are still around, we may be quiet, but we gather strength and we face the world again with a smile, not minding those failings and bitterness we have had in life.

Anyway, plug-in ko lang po, ang latest ko na entry sa the Kablogs Journal Online Magazine. Hope you will keep reading and contributing sa TKJ. If you want to support, 

please email:

"For love is not assuming, it is free of anything. It is giving. It is making other person happy. It is bringing out the best to people. It is inspiring, it doesn’t seek for glory or return, it is without condition, description, or qualification – who and what you are does not matter anymore. What matters is that you are happy, and most importantly the one you love is happy."

Belated happy hearts day sa lahat!



Bev said...

Congratulations sa dear addition to the Thoughtskoto family :)

You are daring the path less would like to take, so a toast to you and your family (kasi sa support nila sa iyo) to that! May your unselfish heart continue to be blessed...

Ken said...

Hi Ms. Grimliness thanks a lot. Knowing and befriending a family like yours too is an inspiration for us to continue what we started. Thank you for believing, and for supporting.

Gumamela said...

with some pregnancy related extra curricular activities (napasmile nmn ako dito)

congrats for a new angel in your life.

God Bless!

Grace said...

Ah we all go through the same phase, blogging excitedly at one point and then life gets in the way... hehe