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Monday, May 31, 2010

Am I my Brother's Keeper?

This is the question asked by Cain after he murdered Abel and God asked him where is his brother.

Keeper is defined to "guard, protect, or attend to".

The photo below of the SOLISES is a priceless photo for me. It was taken at the temple, the day after we arrived in Manila. Me, my brother next to me is Bong, and my youngest brother, Carl. We are actually soon to be an OFW family, because my Bong is just waiting for his plane ticket going to Eastern part of Saudi. While Carl is on vacation, but will soon be back to Al Khobar.

18 years since our Mom died, and I still remember what she said as her last words. Holding my hands tight, she asked me to look and take care of my siblings. I was nearing 16 years old that time.

Today, we have separate lives, but we are always beside each other to support and to draw strength from each other. We have differences sometimes, but we face and confront challenges as a family, knowing that there is strength in unity.

Some people admire the way I solidify my family despite the absence of parents. Because of the hardships we been to, and because of the experiences we have had at a very young age, we have the firm resolution to make our lives better for our posterity, and we are strengthen by our faith and inspired by the challenges we overcome.

Sabi nga nila, gaano ka man kayaman o kasuccessful, if you failed in a home, wala pa ring kwenta ang yaman or success mo. Kaya't para sa akin, pamilya ang una. Kasi kahit ano pa man ang mangyari, they're the first you can run to. They're the source of inspiration as well, and tremendous happiness and joy. So am I my brother's keeper? Yes, we are all are. If we neglect them, we won't be successful, believe me.



BlogusVox said...

Like in any social structure, the central unit will always be the family. Inspirational, kenjie.

Ken said...

Thanks Sir Ed.

The Pope said...

We are all brothers' keepers, tulad mo, malaki ang pagpapahalaga ko sa bawa't pamilya bilang muhon ng bawa't komunidad.

Style Shanghai said...

Nakakatouch kuya kenjie. Nice entry.

Bino said...

gusto ko to'ng article na to. kakainggit kasi may mga brothers ka. i've always wanted to have a kuya kaya lang puro ate. hahahaha. buti may mga pinsan ako'ng lalaki kaso kuya pa rin ako.

Anonymous said...

So true. Home is where our heart should be.

In fact, it takes a home at a time for the country to change.