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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Motivating Motivation

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing that's why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar

My wife printed that quote and posted it in our bathroom for more than a couple of years ago, and every time I took my shower, I can read that quote.

Below is the introduction to the book I was reading a few weeks ago entitled, 101 Motivational Quotes by Steven Grabek. I have a passion of reading books and among my list are Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl, The Children of Hurin, Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, and a few from Peter Drucker. I don't know how to finish them all aside from the online studies and trainings, so I need some motivation, kasi as mentioned nga sa itaas, like paliligo, it should be daily also.

"By definition motivation means that which motivates, that which makes us take action towards our desired goals and which gives purpose and direction to those actions. Now we all know that very often we lose our motivation and we allow procrastination to dominate our life. With out our motivation we stop taking action and doing the things we really want to do, we stop achieving the things we really want to achieve and we stop believing we are capable of becoming who ever we want to be.

The secret to beating procrastination is that we need to keep motivated. Every day we must do something, anything that gets us motivated, whether it’s listening to your favourite song, going for that morning run or simply reading some quotes. Every day we must motivate ourselves because when we are motivated we have energy, we have ideas and we have dreams and we pursue those dreams with our unbounded faith that we will achieve them and more."

Whatever you do in life, just do your best.
Thats my motto ever since I was high school, and that is still true even now.

I fail, and yes, oh, I failed a lot, so many times, and yet many times, I too got up, stand up, wipe away the tears, and move on. Life is too precious to be miserable. When we truly understand the purpose of why we are here, why we are working here, and why are we doing this and that, then, we have a sound disposition and we will do good in whatever we do. That I believe. In three words, they call it, A SENSE OF PURPOSE. Wow, my counting skill is diminishing, that's not 3 words, but 4. Haha.
Anyway, there are also times that we won't understand why we do things, and why we are motivated to do this and that as well, just let it be because that is what we call

FAITH.(or love or passion..?)

And faith is doing something and believing something even though you don't understand and you don't see.

Well, that's another topic.

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Superjaid said...

sabi sa amin nung prof namin sa marketing motivation came from the greek of latin word "movere" which means to move..^_^ hehehe wala lang share ko lang..

Anonymous said...

George ikaw ba yan? Hehe.

Truly inspiring, Kenjie. And I love that quotation about bathing and daily motivation.

What is that that motivates me to go on? I guess my family.

What is that that motivates me to keep blogging? I guess my readers.

Problemado ako dun sa 'doing your best'. Oh dear, I fail in that aspect. Sometimes -- or most of the time pa nga -- I feel like I'm finishing a half-hearted work pero tinatapos ko lang sya para lang matapos, so I can move on.

Alam ko mali, pero un talaga ang sakit ko, Kenjie. Perhaps reading posts like this (and you, lending me those motivational books, would cure me. Ano'ng oras ko kukunin ung mga libro? (Hehe).

The Pope said...

Natawa ako sa intro ni Nebz.

Well let me see what motivates me to keep on living, first God is the first reason why I keep on living... the every new monrnings is not a privilage given to us but a new gift of love being offered to us, a new hope, a new beginning entirely different from yesterday.

What motivates me to go further, syempre my family, they are God's best gifts, my resources and strength. they fuel my senses.

What motivates me to keep on blogging, of course my readers and blogging friends like you... you are the condiment of my blog, your presence and comments leaves spices and perk the flavor of my post.

Great post, remember...

Life is Beautiful,
Keep on blogging,
Keep on inspiring.

Ken said...

@ Jaid: Great! Thanks sau and sa prof you. hehe

@Nebz: Hehe, natawa ako sa intro mo. Hindi po, mentor ko si Pope kaya nagiging ganito. haha.

I like yung mga thoughts niyo sa baba. Sana ganun pala ginawa ko, answering question what motivates me.

Regarding the book, haha. Ill call or email you.

@ the Pope: thank you Sir. Infact, you motivates me, no right word is, you inspire me and gives me courage to keep it going.

eRLyN said...

thank you for sharing this thoughts of yours, i badly needed to motivate myself on a lot of things. such a good read. :)

Francesca said...

maganda nga ung may GOOD motivations
we do it because we are happy.

Pag maganda ang motivation, maligaya din ang ating pakiramdam.
Ang taong laging masaya ang puso ay namumuhay ng merong "constant fiesta".
Even not the very best motivation,we do it, because there's a better Judge Above who knows our limits.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Anonymous said...

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