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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Baka nakita niyo na nga ang mga pictures na ito, pero there are many things we can learn from this animal photos...

And so the Thoughtskoto's decided to share some simple tips sa mga visitors namin.

1. Stay out of Trouble.

Wag lumubog or magtakang sumuot sa drum kung di mo alam kung paano makakaahon, now I am not sure with my Tagalog version, pero sa English, parang ganito yun.

"Don't go down, if you don't know how to get up." Simple lang di ba? Hehe

Tsk tsk, malabo... kayo na bahala.

2. When you are communicating seriously, and sincerely, look the other person or animal in the eye.

They will see the sincerity. Promise. Especially if it is between life and hospital-bone-breaking-hospital-bedridden-or-might-be-death experience.

Ako, whenever I speak or may sasabihin na urgently at talagang importante, I look the person in the eye.

Now figure that out in chatting or calling over the phone.

Look at the screen or cellphone instead... (lols)

3. Exercise to maintain good health. It is the secret to long life.

May kilala ako, naggygym daw siya, buti pa siya may time para maggym.

Maggygym na rin kaya ako.

Gymnastic, that is.

4. Teamwork makes an organization, company and family successful.

Totoo yan, no one is an island. We all need each other here. Any sports team, or any organization, kapag walang harmony and mission and vision, walang mangyayari.

Even our very own self, kapag hindi nagkakatugma ang puso, heart, isip at mind, magulo, parang ako, hilong hilo sa kahahanap ng tao, volunteer at sponsor. hehe

5. Prepare a Shelter for Rainy Days

I wonder what happen, matalino naman ang matsing di ba?

Simple tips lang ang number 5 but with a very profound and different meaning. Shelter could mean a lot of things, house, savings, education, virtues, values, dreams...

6. Friendship is no respecter of person (or animal :)

Have you seen a bird befriend a cat? Or a Black African befriend an Asian, or White American?

Wala yan sa color, sa pinag-aralan, sa status quo, sa backgrounds, or sa language or race.

Friendship for me boils down to one thing.


If the person does have a character that I like and wanted to emulate, if I see goodness in them, I befriend them, because I wanted to be influence by their goodness.

kaya yung mga friend namin dito sa blogosphere, mababait yan...hehe

and hope magpakabait na rin kami...

7. Aim for Greater Heights

Merong mga tao na kuntento na sa buhay. Meron din iba na hindi makuntento sa buhay. I guess for us, we dream for something better. We might be contented sa ngayon, but we never ceases to dream and aim for something better.

Kapag ang isa tao daw, kuntento na, that's the end of everything. I guess people succeed because they keep on aiming for the better, hindi stagnant, kaya hindi nabubulok.

Aim for greater and higher and better things. When you fail, at least you tried. When you succeed, share the blessing to others.

8. Nothing is impossible.

We have some doubts and fears. We do. But we face it with faith in God. Kasi di ba sabi Niya,

"for Him nothing is impossible"

I believe that wholeheartedly.

I subscribe to that belief and for many years have proven that indeed, with Him,

if we do things with Him...

things will just go fine, things will just be fine.

Sounds preachy? hmmmn, I am hungry.

9. Rest and Relax.

Breathe some fresh air. Watch a scenic or breathtaking view, and wonder at the beauty of nature, and the tranquility of the birds flying up above.

Take sometime to enjoy the beauty within us.

When you look at the mirror, don't say, "Yuck!"

You are not helping.

Say, "Wow!"

and feel better. We are all wonderful, unique and special.

Kagaya dito sa blogosphere, I have known many, many people, young and not-so-young with tremendous potential, with so much to offer, pero afraid or ashamed to come out in the open and share and reach limitless abilities and hidden talents.

10. Wear Your Best Smile.

It is the secret of staying and looking young.

Tingnan mo nga tong asong toh, parang puppy pa di ba? kasi nga smile lang ng smile.

Nakakita na kasi ng lalapain eh.

(Hindi ko sinabing ikaw yun ah...defensive lang...)