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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Prayer and Plead for Help

The THOUGHTSKOTO family is joining in a moment of prayer for Maricris Ugay, a 36-year old Cancer patient from Paco Manila.

Maricris, a good friend of Mr. and Mrs. The Pope wrote a letter to Palipasan asking for our prayers, support and donation.

Her Husband contact info here:

Mr. Jonathan Ugay
Home Address: 14 Cristobal St. Paco Manila
Metrobank Account No. 033-3-03361666-0 Ermita Branch

This prayer is also dotting the KABLOGS now.

From LordCM at the Dungeon

Bhing at Gumamela sa Paraiso

Jessie at Life Moto

As I've said in my comment to her letter, reminding me of my Mom, at the age of 39, suffering the same thing, and with a very limited medicine and complications that time that cost our fortune and her life na halos nasira ang future namin, and it took us more than a decade to recover:

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

This is something that I am very familiar about. 16 years old, and 16 years ago, my Mom suffered the same, and it breaks my heart to remember the scenes of the past.

God bless you Maricris, and with the technology and advancement of medicine after 16 years, I am grateful you will have high hope that things will work out according to the righteous desires of our heart.

The Pope said...

@ Mr. Thoughtskoto
I am really sorry to hear your story about your mother's passing... it really breaks my heart to hear women suffers such pain especially when they are inflicted with cancer.

Despite of the modern science discoveries and advance medical technology, the costs of medicines and professional fees is still not affordable to the common man.

And at times like this, the most important shield in life is faith and the best medicine is prayer in battling with this disease.

May we be touched to bless her, even we don't know her. May we offer prayer in our hearts and in our minds, even we haven't seen her, because that is what charity is, the pure love of God - genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Helping without expecting anything. Caring and sharing, in simple ways and meager means even if it seems to be nothing.

Read the full text of her letter here.