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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Starve the Problems, Feed the Opportunities

“Starve the Problems and Feed the Opportunities” - Peter Drucker

"Effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity minded. They feed opportunities and starve problems." - Dr. Stephen Covey

I simply love this quote that I printed it in big paper a long time ago 

and posted it in the wall of my room.

Do we focus on our problems or our opportunities in life?

Most of the time in our lives we focus too much on our problems in life, as well as focusing too much on the past. We should remember that there not much to be gained from looking backwards instead of forwards.

No, don't get me wrong, I am not trying to discount the rich lessons we can gained from our past experiences and failings but what I am trying to say is, its time to move on.

Do you feed your problems in life? 

Kung sa tagalog pa, ginagatungan pa ba natin ang naglalagabgab (now I am not sure if that word is right, lol) at to borrow the word of Hulascoop, masalimuot na buhay?

Are we too absorb by every minor and major problems that confronts us day in and day out? Are we too preoocupied by the challenges and seemingly insurmountable trials and problems that besets us? As a person, do we focus and even magnified our afflictions and infirmities in life?





OFTEN, when we are down, and we don't get up, we don't have the courage to stand and fight anymore. Thus, we end up losing the game. Losing is fine if we give our best, but if we lose because we did nothing, that's what we call, LOUSINESS.

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."

Life has so many issues, but focus on the most trivial and important things rather than the not worth dealing with. 


(pasensiya na, gutom na ako kaya I am ranting about anything here, hehe)


Do we grab every good offers, every open opportunity for advancement, for learning, for discovering something about ourselves, about the world we live, about the work we are in?

We live in a world with stiff competition, and with tremendous outpouring of knowledge and information in the web.

Do we take advantage of every good things, of every opportunities?

I encourage all to do so. 

The largest problem with focusing on problems is the distraction from concentrating on the current opportunities.

Simply put,

Starve the problems and they die.

Feed the opportunities and they flourish and live.



desertjackal said...

Such optimistic approach to life...

I buy the idea of starving the problem(s), and feed opportunities.

Life would never be worth living without problem(s), determining its cause is to starve off the possibility of making it bigger. Why waste anyway brain cells on pressing issues..? Solve them at once as problem is usually objective.

The quest to good life is maybe a tiresome pursuit if we have the mindset that opportunities knock once in a while. Rather, opportunities are sizable--its prevalent, all within our grasp, yes, it's only a matter on how you "feed" the idea of grabbing and owning them.

I always seize each day, as for me, each day is a unique opportunity that I might not hold anymore when tomorrow comes.


Ken said...

Hi, Thanks for basing in the comments! Base means nakauna ka, hehehe. Okay ka na ba? Sorry bout the Yaris thing, ang ganda pa naman ng car mo...

I agree with you, without problems, this world will be boring.

desertjackal said...

Cheers to you, actually naka-based nga, as in nakauna mag comment.

Ayos na ako Pards, hayaan mo na ang Yaris, kung minsan ganyan talaga, let go na lang, bibili ng lang ako ng Scratch off/polish liquid (Turtle Brand yong color green) effective daw yon heheheh.

Life Moto said...

Sa dami ng mga opurtunidad ngayon ay lalo tayo nawawalan ng focus kung ano ang mauna. Sabi nga take one step at a time. para di malampasan ang magandang oportunity na dumarating. Nice one bro!

The Pope said...

Sometimes when we seek to solve problems, it narrows our focus of attention in life; however chasing opportunities yields to results that could solve problems.

Opportunties are the result of pluck, not luck. The people who succeed seek out opportunties, and if they can’t find them, they create them.

For every problem there could be several solutions and solutions point to opportunities. Instead of praying to God to keep us away from problems, our prayer should be, “Oh God, please give me more wisdom to solve my problems and gain new opportunities in life.”

Life is Beautiful.

Francesca said...

i always remember that everytime, theres no problem, only solution.
Or if there's a problem, it is because of the others, not me.
In reality, there's always problems.
But i dont even think about them.
I prefer to blog.Haha

RJ said...

Timing na timing! Kagigising ko lang nang binasa ko ito. Isang napakagandang simula ng araw! o",)

Trainer Y said...

im at a loss for words in this entry of yours kuya...
i guess you know why...

A-Z-3-L said...

another point of view from a mind of an optimist...

continue imparting positive ideas kuya kenji...

teka, lemme feed muna myself... hehehehe!

Ken said...

Thank you guys...and gals!

Anonymous said...

Kung ito'y naging table topic sa extemporaneous public speaking contest, I'd be stunned. Paano kasi, honestly, hindi ko alam ang ibig sabihin ng 'starve the problem, feed the opportunities'.

After reading your post, and then contemplating on it, na-realize ko sa wakas ang ibig nyang ipahiwatig.

Ignore the problems, focus on the opportunities. Easier said than done, huh.

One way to look at it is that for every problem, there is an opportunity. The more problems we have, the more opportunities are there for us.

Like when losing your job...perhaps it's the best time to put up your own business. No capital? Perhaps it's best to start small. Shy? Perhaps it's an opportunity to develop ourselves.


Ken said...

We are seeing the same picture nebz, we differ in what we see but you too are right. Some problems are actually opening for new opportunities. we just have to face it rightly, and confront it honestly...i guess we will be fine.