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Saturday, May 09, 2009

None of Us Will Be Here - If Not Because of You

My Mom and I

By : Mr. Thoughtskoto

July, 1999, Written While Serving as a Lay Volunteer at Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental

(this poem was an official entry to the International

NEW Magazine Writing Contest, 1999)

You feed my soul

And let me grow

Tender hands

Voice that soothes my ears

Lay me down

Help me stand

Hold me up

Then let me go…

The years pass by…

I am feeding you now

Still growing

Rough hands

Words that command love and respect

Lay you down in your bed

Help you stand with your cane

Hold you up that you'll not fall

You are gone now… but

The years will never end…

for us...

Inspired ng alaala ng 16 years old pa lang ako, at nakaratay ang aking pinakamamahal na ina sa ospital, at ako ang nag-aalaga sa kanya. Ginawa ko na ngang bahay ang ospital. Stricken with breast cancer, and the lack of medicine and financial support, she was not able to recover after several chemotherapies. 

I have one biological mother, pero daan ang nakilala kong nanay at mama na nagmahal sakin ng lubos at tinuring nilang tunay na anak. A few goodness here and there from these great and kind mothers who influenced my life to be who I am now. 

Wala tayo dito sa mundong ito without the mothers. Think about it for just a moment. 

Sige nga, isipin mo nga yan kahit sandali. 

Wala ka rito kundi dahil sa nanay mo! 

In short, anak ka ng nanay mo!hehe

Happy Mothers Day po sa lahat-lahat ng mga Nanay at magiging nanay, at sa mga may nanay! I guess that covers all. :-)

At syempre happy mothers day sa pinakamamahal ko, ang nagiisang Mrs. Thoughtskoto. You have been wonderful, affable, lovely and kind...hehehe, chocolates and roses and a date...bukas sa Dharan mall. 

May pwede bang magbabysit na blogger? Haha