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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Money Falling from the Sky!

We all have dreams and fantasies or have your head in the clouds sometime or another. We fan our excitements by dreaming, we sustain the hope by imagining, we draw inspiration from enchanting stories and make believe fairytales we watched or read. I dreamed to have a modest land and house at the heart of Tagaytay, a black GMC SUV car to drive, and a business that thrives.

Unfortunately it does not come true all at once, or by a wink of an eye.
The faith i have subscribed and the principles I've been taught and learned is to work hard, gain knowledge, love others and rear a family that last for eternity.

And so my dream began...

I dreamed that bundles of hundred dollar bills falls from the sky right in front of me while walking.
What currency? My goodness, I am dreaming, do you really need to ask that?  It doesn't matter, as long as it's not fake. (lol)

Anyway, back to my dream. Yes, a bundle of hundreds of dollar bills from up above. I was thinking what goodness have I done to deserved this, but I am indeed grateful. I am not really selfish but since it's my dream, can we pretend that in this case, Nebz and Ed of Sandbox, and even Ever and Jhay was not around when this bundle of money falls because we share the same cloud-free sky here in Saudi or Ever's nearby country of Kuwait! (hehe, balatohan ko na lang kayo). Can we just pretend that in this dream, it's just me and no one is around? Thank you. :) 

Now the challenge is how to keep this money. You cannot deposit them all in Enjaz or Al Rahji because of some anti-terrorism measure. A handsome guy with salary so meager can't make a deposit by the thousands of dollars!
You can't also bring them all at once to the Philippines. The scanner will see those and  the immigration officer will ask for some share or kutong, if you're lucky. But if some unlucky charm comes along with the money, you might be holden by authorities and confiscate your money and detain you for being financier to the terrorists.
Oh, enough for this worse case scenario. Why I am writing this case? I want to end this dream happily. 

Okay, I am not bringing the raw money home, the dollar will be strengthened, and the peso will weaken, and the ofw's will get mad at me.

And so I keep the money in my bag pack, rushed home, and kiss my daughter and my wife. Mrs. Thoughtskoto will asked where this money come from, and so I said, "this falls from the sky. Perhaps some people rob a bank, their plane malfunctioned up above, and all their money went out. And God knows we need money and we are kind, He knows we will spend it wisely and share it to the poor ones..."

"Yala! Yala! Ro!" shouted by the driver in Arabic to the car before us. Then I was back to reality. I am still sitting to where I am sitting before I dreamed. I am still holding my pack bag, and tried to open it if it has really bundles of money inside. I was disappointed to find out my bulky bag is not full of money, but full of lab gown, notebooks, print out to read, and 'baon' (lunchbox) and Doritos to eat. I still have to wake up early, work hard to earn money, and live within our means with simple pleasure and simple joy.

Dreaming is good. Working out for those dreams is another thing. We cannot keep on dreaming and achieving those dreams without working. There is no shortcut to real happiness and joy, they say. And sometimes the real happiness and joy can be felt, and can be found only by working happily with whatever we do, and living joyfully and to the fullest with whatever we have.

And so I have to get to work now, to realize my dreams and well, some desires.


1 comment:

pamatayhomesick said...

ha ha ha,uu nga noh..makatulog nga ng maaga mamaya baka managinip din ako..he he he.

minsan naman ang akala nila maraming pera dito sa lupang buhangin...malaki lang ang katumbas ng pera nila..di marami..ito naman ang panaginip ko nung time na nagsisimula palang ako magtrabaho dito sa kuwait!